The best FW for 3520A now?

I have 3520A with 2U1 till now,…I´d like to update it,could you recommned me some patched fw,which is actually the best in quality of burning? I use slower burning speeds 4x,8x (max) -> on Verbatim / TY +R DVDs. Thanks.

Well… you use 2.U1, so the logical step is to go for Dee’s ND3520 2.U5 firmware :slight_smile: .
I use it for some months now (exclusively with TY +R DVDs) with great success.

2nikolaos: Thanks for your advice.Before I asked this question I look in the thread with 2U5 and users with 2U5 were little disappointed talking about quality of burned dvds :confused: because of different burning strategies from another NEC drive.
Then there is a Liggy´s 3.07 bitsetting fw and MadDog fw which I didn´t tried till now and there isn´t too much experiences from users about these FWs. So I don´t know which I should use for the best result and there is also 2U4 based on burning strategies from 3520… :confused: :doh:

I’ve pretty much got the same question as aCIDfire, so I’d like to add it in this topic.

My 3520A has original NEC 3.07 FW, which I’ve flashed a long time ago.
But, last week I’ve bought a pretty large batch of INFOME R30 +R 16x discs (Philips), because of good experience with previous Philips 8x discs. The exact same type wasn’t available anymore, so I thought best way would be to go for these 16x discs.
Unfortunately they seem to give a much higher error-rate (and thus resulting in much slower reading speeds) than the previous (iirc) INFOME R20 +R 8x discs (Philips). I always burn at 4x, because my system is not too fast. Never had any troubles with the previous discs.

So, to recall aCIDfire’s question: Which firmware is best for burning quality (is this mediacode-specific?), when burn speed is totally irrelevant?

Perhaps you can already get better results by burning at higher speed. Apart from that I don’t think INFOME R30 discs are among the high quality discs around. :disagree:

Thanks for your help, Liggy! I tried burning some discs at 8x, but no difference in performance is noticed. With all discs (burnt at any speed),when read after burning, reading slows down to below 1x from approx. 70% to 90%. From 90% to the end of the disc, reading speed increases to approx. 3x.
I guess INFOME R30 are just crappy discs, too bad…

I expected an “A-brand” like Philips to choose for quality, to preserve their good name. Unfortunately, that’s not true… :frowning:

“A-Brands” for DVDs have names like Verbatim or Tayio Yuden. :wink:

I’m afraid you’re right… Guess I’d better use these discs for not-so-important-one-time-use purposes, and get me some descent discs for more critical purposes… :slight_smile:

I can swear by Dee’s ND3520 2.U5 firmware for Verbatim and TY +R as well as Verbatim +RW. It is my first choice for RW discs and a solid performer with +R. The only problem is +RW bitsetting which seems to turn on and off on its own accord.