The Best Frontman! Do You Agree?

I personally think that Bon Scott was the best Frontman there has ever been, as he had so much energy and also really got into the music and enjoyed every minute of it, and it showed!

Please post your favourite frontman :wink:

Well I never got a chance to see Bon Scott (a)live, as he died when I was just a baby, but I think he was indeed a very good one. Although Angus knows to play the crowd as well… I’ve seen AC/DC a few years ago and those guys still rock. Brian is a nice guy and does great, but it’s Angus who steals the show :slight_smile:

This will do for me (or maybe eddie)

I would have to say this man is one of the best I’ve seen live. But I have heard Bon Scott had no rivals during his short time.

Had to find a pic with long hair, hate the short blonde.

seen maiden a couple of times…up the irons dallshead!

didnt like rhcp when i saw them - foo fighters stole the show. best bigname frontman that i’ve seen is billy joe from greenday. billy corgan was pretty good, though.

foo fighters stole the show
Love the fooeys, but at the big day out in Adelaide Aust, I think Dave Grohl swallowed an angry cat.

out of the dozens of bands i have seen Moby has got to be the best and most talented frontman, and the best frontwoman has to be skin from skunk anansie.

I pretty much agree with you, but I think (like Dee-ehn) that Angus is doing a great job too.
Here are a few of my other favourite frontmen however.

Detroit madman: Ted Nugent.
Little ugly German :slight_smile: : Udo Dirkschneider
Bay area thrasher: Chuck Billy
A charismatic hard rocker (R.I.P): Phil Lynott

Bill Joe does a good job

Since Ted Multi Tasked I would have to vote for him.

I’m glad someone mentioned Moby. I saw him a couple of times (in concert) and I have to admit that he does a very good job. He is funny, knows how to bind the people to the concert and he manages to surprise his crowd everytime. Yes, he’s good.

Ed Kowalcyk (do I spell that right?) of Live is quite good too. The strangest frontman I’ve ever seen is that guy of Tool and A perfect circle (can’t recall his name at this time of night :))

Yeah, i think Live’s Ed is a great guy, though i’ve never seen him live.

And my list would go:
1 - Rob Hallford
2 - Ripper Owens
3 - Freddie Mercury
4 - Bruce Dickinson
5 - agree with Bon Scott, the guy was unbelievable!

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury!!! OH! I forgot about him :o :o :o

Robert Plant?

Ozzy Osbourne…

Michael Hutchence.

'nuff said. :bow:

Phil Collins

Anthony Keidis
Phil Collins
Freddie Mercury
Ozzy Osbourne

I like a lot, don’t really have one favourite.