The best firmware for the NEC1300a?

I just got my new 1300a nec writer
where can i get the firmwares i here about and which one is the best for this drive

Here is the site:

They have good explanations of what each variety does for you.

Herrie’s firmwares are indeed the best firmwares for this drive (I’ve been using them for more than half a year now) but remember, as soon as you flash your drive with an unofficial firmware, you can forget about your warranty…

ps I renamed your thread’s title as the original wasn’t all too clear…

I have just down loaded the file in question and it updated the drive with out a hitch now i got to go get some blank dvd’s
any thoughts on what brands to try
Im using skc in my LG cdr burner and so far no problems with that media do you know if skc makes blank dvd’s + and -