The best firmware for my liteon 1633s

i downloaded patch the patch from codeguys to modify it from 1633s to 1653s using the CS0P firmware. my burns with cheap CMC’s disk are not so well and i my ripping speed with blanks go up and down and never reaches the modified ripping speed to 16x. it also can’t rip to 16x on the regular orig. movie discs either and yes i have it set up on the modified firmware to reach 16x.
my question is: is there a firmware that is better for my burner that can burn better and rip better? the most important to me is ripping but burning quality comes a close second. i would go back to 1633s if there is firmware better for my drive. thanks

CS0P is known for having reading problem past 12X!!! In any case it is not advised to try to rip at more than 12X!!!
Why don’t you try sony FW BXY4!!