The best firmware for LiteOn 1673S?



[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On SOHW-1673S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi! Please can you tell me which is the best firmware for Lite-On SOHW-1673S? I’m not looking for speed, but for quality burning. For the moment I have JS0D firmware.
Also, if the new firmware requires “cross-flashing”, how should I do that?
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There’s a firmware, KC4B, that can be used on your drive. It is for the SOHW-16[B]9[/B]3S, but both drives have the same hardware and can use the same firmware. Just download the firmware from, run the file “1693S.KC4B.patched-cf.exe”, and flash as normal. :slight_smile:

It might help to back up your current firmware and the EEPROM for your drive using the Flash Utility [for firmware] and EEPROM Utility [for EEPROM data]. Both are listed as Read First in this forum, and should be fairly intuitive. :iagree:


:iagree:…I got some great burns (even on mediocre media!) with KC4B on my 1693S :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome to the forum, groenhen!


Thanks guys for your help!
I just wanna squeeze the best of this old device… if possible :slight_smile:

BTW: What do you mean… SOHW-1673S and SOHW-1693S are absolutely THE SAME?!?


SOHW-1673S and SOHW-1693S [and ONLY those two drives from the 3S series] are the same hardware, and can run the same firmware. If there is a hardware difference, it makes no noticeable impact in write quality and has never been discovered. People upgraded their 1673S drives to 1693S drives without a hitch. The only change between the two, feature-wise, is that the 93S supports writing DVD-R DL [not that widespread outside of Asia, if I remember correctly].

Other drives from the 3S series [1633S, 1653S, and earlier] could be crossflashed within each other, but a hardware change was implemented in the 73S and 93S that prevented this.


I did flash the device with the KC4B firmware.
Unfortunately, it still doesn’t want to burn DVDs… I tried (many times) with a good media (Verbatim), but no luck :frowning: .
It must be a HW issue. So, it’s time to say “G-bye!” :sad: to the old LiteOn 1673s.
I would like to ask you: what should I buy? Not necessarily a LiteOn, but rather a good ratio between price and quality.
Thx, Stanley.


Just go ahead and stick with LiteOn. If you can, try to find a DH20A4P. [There’s a reason I mention the specific drive that I will elaborate upon later].

If you cannot find a LiteOn, an Optiarc AD-7200-series drive will be good, or a Pioneer DVR-112/115/116. All of these are good drives, and well worth the money. :iagree: