The best firmware for an Acer 1208?



I got one of those drives last week but from the beginning i have problems with it , normal data or audio cd`s i can burn fine but when i try clonecd it burns them and the protection is on the cd but it asks for the original cd when i want to play the backup.
The drive got the 9BC firmware now should i stick with this one or upgrade to a newer version and where can i get firmwares for my drive ?
Thanks in advance


Firmware with the acers is interesting,
they never mention what’s fixed/changed…
I njust flashed my 1208A 9.AB to 9.GB nthe other day
yesterday the released 9.JB, what’s in it, who knows? :slight_smile:

For copying try using a program like ClonyXL, CD ProScout or Copy Protection Detection… these will determine what the copy protection on the CD is and forward the proper settings to CloneCD, or at least tell you which to use


I know about about clony and stuff the protection is also on the copy but it refuses it to play so i thought maybe it is the firmware.
I saw some sites with firmwares but i dont wich one to grab.


I found the JB firmware also but i dont know if i can use that firmware for my burner because i have firmware 9BC on it.Can i use that one or do i have to use another one ?


No, that one’s no good for you…
you need to use one with C as the last letter

the 1208A came in 3 flavors

9.xA – 4 meg buffer no seamless
9.xB – 4 meg buffer, seamless enabled with firmware EB or later
9.XC – 2 meg buffer and seamless

I beleive there is a 9.DC firmware available




according to, firmware 9jb is supposed to fix burning of libcrypt protected psx-games


I have a patch from acer that give the acer 1208A 9.xA streamless link, i bugged them for ages and they gave it me.
Not bad, when they origionally said it was impossible