The best firmware for 8480B

I just bought a LG 48X cd writer. ( GCE - 8480B) I was using LG40X cdw before and I could write 40X on a 48X cd media. But now the max speed is 32X with the same media. I searched a bit in the forum I think the problem is the firmware version. It’s 1.03. I want to change the firmware so what is the best ( only thing important for me is to write at 48X) firmware for me? I’m thinking of using 1.02 but I couldn’t find it.

Try the latest firmware, might help ya out. I couldn’t tell ya the results, I have 8481B.

Also could I ask ya a question, Does ur computer detect your read speed as 48x? All burning programs and Nero InfoTool shows my 48x 24x 28x burner’s read speed as 40x. Thanks

Nero Info Tool shows my read speed as 40X :frowning:

put a pressed cd in the drive and nero info will show 48x
for cdrs & audio cds read speed is 40x

Original Pressed CD=48x read
CDR media=40x read
Audio cd =40x read
VCD=15x read

Yeah i emailed LG yesterday and got same answer. thx

Anyone tried 1.04 Firmware ? I’m also thinking of flashing to 1.02 , which one should I choose :confused:

Originally posted by Orcun
Anyone tried 1.04 Firmware ? I’m also thinking of flashing to 1.02 , which one should I choose :confused:

Firmware 1.04 will give you a lot more media compatibility.Its a big improvment againts the previous firmware.

Ok, I decided to flash to Firmware 1.04 .

What is the most scary scenario for flashing? Is there any way I can destroy my cd-rw?

I successfuly flashed to Firmware 1.04 :slight_smile:
It can write 48x to my 48x media and 40x to 24x media. And that’s enough for me.

But I still wonder if I could write 48x to the 24x media with the 1.02 firmware or with the 8481B 1.02 fw.


I did a comparision between 8481B 1.02 and 8480B 1.04 firmwares (flashed in my 8480B), and can say that they are virtually the same regarding CDR media compatibility. Out of my selection of 16 different blanks (all speeds), both behaved exactly the same.

Only differences are :
8480B 1.04 firmware uses both of the driver’s leds and writes CDRW at a max. of 16x

8481B 1.02 firmware uses only one led (the green one) and writes CDRW at 24x


Thanks, FTC :slight_smile:

I have one more question, one of my friends said that Firmware 1.04 is not offical so with this fw I have no warranty, is this true?


Not true, as long as they are posted in the official korean LG web site, so both (8480B 1.04 and 8481B 1.02) firmwares ARE official.


Ok, thank you.

HI there ,

I have a 8480 1.03 and i am haveing some problems getting it to write and read disk’s…What i mean by that is .If I set DMA on the drive will write a disk in 3min at 32 speed.But will not read the disk at the right speed .Because DMA is on ,And It takes for ever to read .But if i trun DMA off it takes 10min to write a disk and it will read the disk as fast as its meant to go.So what I was wondering is there a frimware to fix this.And where do you download them from I have looked all over place and can not find them any where…

I was just wondering by the sound of things .The way you are all talking about the frimware .Are lower numbers newer. (8480B 1.04 and 8481B 1.02)

As I have know idea where to go and how to fix this problem…

Hi all,

here’s a problem I get with my LG 8480B burner with 1.03 firmware.

Using TAO, burning a TDK dview disc quite full (say 701 out of 703 megs) results in Nero not being able to fixate the session. That’s a bummer, and seems this is a firmware problem.

Don’t want to necessarily use TAO, but as that’s what Nero Express uses by default it just happens to go that way often.

Any suggestions how to solve this problem? Is this a known prob with the 8480B?




Normally, higher numbers mean newer firmware, but only for firmware for the same model. It is safe to assume fw 1.04 for 8480B is newer than fw 1.03 for 8480B, but you can not compare with fw for 8481B or other models. In fact, we know that fw 1.02 for 8481B is of approx. the same date as fw 1.04 for 8480B.

Regarding your problem, I think it may be more related to your system than to this burner, since mine did not exhibit this problem. I would check IDE and / or mobo drivers.