The best DVD writers to buy now

i would know what should be the best DVD Writer to buy in this moment ,
a writer that offer a smallest numer of error with nero cdspeed,
please can i receive some suggest?

Thanks in advance.

Small numbers of errors in CDSpeed depends on more than just the dvd drive. You need good media that matches up well to the firmware of that particular drive as well. What drive are you using for your scans? That can certainly influence your results as well.

My suggestion for a SATA interface drive would be the Optiarc 7240s. I’m a bit out of date regarding the IDE interface drives, so I will leave that for someone else to advise you.

I’ve had good luck with Verbatim 16x, Taiyo Yuden 8x +R and Verbatim +R double layer dvds in my Optiarc, but I expect good results when using high quality disks.

Thnaks for your reply [B]kerry56[/B] ,
i have a lot of TY 8/16X , some Richo and a large number of verbatim.

Your suggest is again of optiarc?

Yes, the 7240s certainly ranks among the best drives available right now, and you should be fine with the TY and Verbatim disks. I can’t speak to the results you’ll get using your Ricoh disks, as I haven’t any experience with them. I haven’t used any Ricoh disks since the 4x days, some 5yrs ago.