The best DVD Writer Among all brands!?

Hello everyone!
I see that in the complete forum there are comparisons in a limited model makes and upgrades!
I was thinking if you all can suggest which DVD writer is the best among all the brands then it will be easier to buy for the newbies and freaks!
Well i’m also of the same category!!! (lol)
Yes, I’m a sony freak but after reading soo many forums i feel that sony is not that much capable that it is hyped for!!!
I am interested in buying a new Internal DVD writer in January!!! So thought of doing a study on all available !
So if you all can help with your experiance it will be great!

P.S. :- There may be some other working thread too with the same motive but sorry to say i was not able to find it!
I’m reading the different posts since the last week and became a member just today to enter a new question! So i request no hash comments!!

Your support required

Well, of all the drives I have used, the Pioneer and LG drives kick ass.

I think the LG H22N is meant to be quite good with speed and quality. The pioneer 111L is extremely relaible.

I agree to cd pirate. Pioneer 111 is one of the best writers on the market. Also the LG H22x seem to be very good.

btw: I think this topic doesn´t really fit in the Liteon / Sony forum.

Are any of the writers particularly good at creating accurate backups of copy-protected discs?

I’ve found threads praising the plextor premium but the post dates all seem to be 2-3 yr old… have there been any new developments?
Dvd read/write capabilities would also be a plus…

Any recommendations?

i’ve used pioneer and it died on me (still reading some dvd’s though), NEC’s been pretty good on me… still working and it’s been a few years.

I also like the Pio 111, but find burners tend to be pretty much media dependent. Some MIDs burn better on some burners than on others, even changing from batch to batch sometimes. It’s really hard to point to any one burner brand/model and say it’s the best for everything. I just don’t think anything widely available reaches that level of quality.

I agree with QuiCo. This topic belongs someplace else, probably in the master group for this forum: Optical Drives (CD and DVD Burners, etc.) Forum.

There’s good and bad with [B]ALL brands[/B]. Why is this thread in Lite-On Forum?