The Best DVD Rom Lite on 163/166S Vs Toshiba 1912

which to purchase? any sugestions

I’d say that the LiteOn is the best choice. Why? Although I haven’t touched the Toshiba 1912 yet, I know that the former one (18 series) had troubles with reading some RW media. On the other hand, the LiteOn DVDROM drives have always been very very good. Toshiba drives are somewhat less noisy, but that doesn’t compensate for the inferior compatibility with different media and such.

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it really depends on what you want to do with the reader. if ripping speed is important to you then I would suggest the liteon. if quiet operation is more important than ripping speed then I would go with the toshiba the new 1912’s are very quiet ( I have 2)

I would also suggest taking a look at the Aopen 1648/AAP it is quiet and it will read at 16X it leaves both the liteon’s and the toshiba in the dust. it also has excellent error correction capabilities.

Indeed, the Aopen drives are nice as well… I got me one for my HTPC and I’m very satisfied with it. It even comes with three different front bezels!

For tons of information on the Aopen drive, you mght want to visit
this thread.

The Toshiba 1912 is no longer strictly a Toshiba design, it is a joint effort with Samsung. While Samsung makes some great products (RAM, CRT/TFT monitors) I’m not inclined to buy optical drives from them. I’d actually look at the new LiteOn 167S, or if you cannot find it, the Sony DDU1613 which is just a rebadged 167S. Buy online, and you’ll cut the price by quite a bit (Best Buy for example, wants $50 for the Sony; NewEgg wants about $30).