The Best DVD-ROM And DVD-RW Drive

I Want To Buy E-IDE / ATAPI DVD-ROM And DVD-RW , IF You Can Tell Me The Best With Model

The Best For Read Media And Burning Without Error

I Don’t Want Lighscribe

Lite-on , Benq , NEC


DVD-ROM: Aopen 1648AAP, great reader/ripper, though I don’t think you may get one now. It’s discontinued. Get a NEC DVDRW instead.

DVDRW: Liteon 165P6S or Pioneer 111D@111L. They are mature, and they provides good burning quality on most media.


For DVD-ROM Lite-on
For DVD-RW Nec AD-7170a Or Lite-on LH-20A1P

Can You Tell If My Choice DVD-ROM Good
And For DVD-RW Which The Best

For about $10 more, you could buy two burners. Really no sense in having a DVD-Rom these days. If something goes wrong with one of the drives, you will have a back-up burner.
I would shy away from the NEC, a hybrid with Sony now known as Optiarc. Reputation is less than stellar. I would suggest the Litey for reading and scanning and the Pioneer 111D or 112D for burning.

Get NEC DVDRW to read, no burning :disagree:
Liteon DVD-ROM is inferior to most DVDRWs. Don’t limit yourself to ROM for reading, RW is better.

FOR DVD BURNING, Pioneer or Liteon, period. NEC is suited for reading, CDR burning, except of BURNING DVDs.


What About Lite-on Combo SOHC-5236V To Read And Burning CDR ??

And Lite-on LH-20A1P To Burning DVD

I Don’t Have Pioneer In My Country