The Best DVD Copy Software

I just want to say that the best software - DVD copy software is:
– DVD Shrink 3.1 — cause U can re-author the entire dvd and change the structure of the DVD really ease to use. TWO THUMBS UP!

If not, please tell me what is better than DVD Shrink, I dare you?

CloneDVD :wink:

DVDshrink is probably the best free transcoder out there, but there are a few pay products that are both easier to use and provide better quality.

I think that is a matter of option! :eek:
I tell friends to use DVD Decrypter and then shrink to ISO and then Decrypter to burn. :slight_smile:
But I think this question has been beat to death. :eek:

The bad thing about CloneDVD is that it will not copy protected DVD’s, that’s the downfall about CloneDVD.

Neither can DVD shrink unless you use DVD decrypter.

I never really got that problem before and I dont use DVD decrypter.

A true reencoder will beat any transcoder on any job that requires more than a tiny amount of compression.Try CCE or even QuEnc before you come to any conclusions about the “Best”.

Shrink only has problem with newer DVD encryption protocols. It should work with 85% of the DVDs out there.

really. What’s the problem with the DVD encryption Protocol? and for what version: I have DVD Shrink 3.2, encryption fine, Shrink wont read scratched DVD’s.

heard about DVD X COPY, is a good program?

It’s not even being developed anymore- was sued out of existence. Quality is what you might expect from a package that hasn’t been updated for almost a year.

Shrink will not work with the new Sony encryption. Need to use DVD Decrypter (free) or AnyDVD.

Dvdshrink and Dvddecrypter combined handle most anything.

oh no! I got my first error with DVD Shrink I can’t copy Resident Evil 2, oh well I guess this program is number 2…, hell no! DVD Shrink is still number 1!
just one error.

If not, please tell me what is better than DVD Shrink, I dare you?
LOL, Look at this thread: Can you honestly pick the difference? The best thing about Shrink as well as Nero Recode is you can crop all unecessary film, audio, and subs to make the best use of the available space. At the moment I’m working with DVD RB using QuEnc, CCE Basic and CCE SP, the results are surprising, I’ll post them a bit later:)

It uses the new Sony ARccOS protection that Dvd Shrink cannot deal with on its own. Use Dvd Decrypter to rip and then use Dvd Shrink to compress.

Re: DVD X Copy

True, but I have to give it props for being so damn easy to use (not requiring ANY other software) … it breaks CSS and the other copy protections of the day, rips, shrinks, and burns, all in dummy mode. Sure. it left those damn “THIS IS A BACKUP COPY” screens to tell you what you could figure out by the fact the disk was labeled with a Sharpie, but what the hell? Did I mention it was easy? I have to admit, all the bad press it got made me think there must be something to it, and I backed up my first DVD with it. Only later, after the confidence it gave me, did I move on and try DVD Decrypter, Shrink, AnyDVD, and Recode. So there is a place for it still, for those who may be intimidated by the others for whatever reason.

Not really. Dvd Fab is also a total no-brainer that doesn’t require any other software (i.e. rips, shrinks and burns all in dummy mode) and it breaks all current protections including Sony’s new ARcoSS protection so there is no reason whatever to bother with Dvd X Copy any more.

Best is hard to define.
I use CloneDVD and Anydvd for their ease of use , when that doesn’t work I rely on DVDShrink and Imagburn , those 2 have never let me down so far.

What do you guys think of DVD Cloner III?