The Best DVD burner and media combination for movie backup



I am a newbie.

I have had to throw away a couple of factory disk movies from my DVD collection. First I tried to “repair” them by polishing them with a couple of different products, but that didn’t work.

I went out and bought a Sony burner with Sony DVD-R media. I have been making a backup of my movies as I watch them again. This has been a hit and miss operation. I can’t seem to find the common factor. Some work perfectly and others not so well.

I am hoping that someone can point me to information that might give me some insight to my problems and possibly the best DVD burner and media combination.



Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sony media are not the very best (even if they are not the worst media available in the market).

You’ll get a lower probability to make coasters with Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden media :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome.

I will try one of those medias today.

How about the burner itself? Do you think it matters? Do you have a preference?


What software are you using to copy and burn your movies?


I will wait for your reply to ~Jethro~'s question.
I doubt you have used this software though.
It must be used with a decrypter on “Factory disk movies” .
DVDFab’s PassKey Lite is freeware & usually works.
The paid version of AnyDVD works & I think the same would be true for the paid version of PassKey.
The software is h2cdimage & it is made for copying scratched or damaged DVD’s. It won’t always get a full copy but usually does. Even if it gets most of the data that usually works.
That would get an .ISO ripped to your hard drive.
From there it will depend on a lot of things what you need to do. Part of this would be the burning software you use.
For a nondamaged DVD you would just use your regular ripping & burning software. Although h2cdimage can be used on a nondamaged DVD.


How about the burner itself? Do you think it matters? Do you have a preference?[/QUOTE]

With good quality discs I’d say that all burners will give good results. I don’t have a personal preference about drives :slight_smile:


It should have been mentioned that you would probably not want to use the Verbatim “Life series” discs. It is entirely possible that your choice of discs is not the culprit. Please do let us know what ripping/burning software, burning speed, and burner you are using. And exactly what is “working not so well”? We may be able to see a problem and help you fix it with any of these factors.


I’ve used several products, but mostly Nero.
In my tests, it is the burner hardware and media that seem to make all the difference. I get similar successes and failures no matter what software.

However, I’m willing to try anything.