The best digicam for my needs

needs are:

  1. easy to use
  2. best picture quality
  3. portrait, sports, night, action modes
  4. do megapixels matter. how many megapixels are best for the best 11 by 14 photos?
  5. convienient to hold
  6. excellent battery life
    I don’t want DSLRS.
    What brands are great?

What you are describing is a dslr. If you don’t want one though, you are pretty much going to have to get one of the higer end prosumer cameras like a canon g series or pro 1. Defanatlly look at there rated shooting speeds and recovery time if you want action and sports. As far as night mode, look at the sensor size. The biger the sensor, the beter the low light/night prformance. Either of these cameras will do 11x14 just fine. Convienient to hold is kind of subjective as peoples tastes in this respect will very. These are defanatlly full sized cameras. I would try holding one in a camera store to see if you are comfortable with it.
Fyi mega pixels only matter to an extent, though the larger the prints you want to do, the more mega pixels you need. As you do want larger prints, you do need a higher mega pixel camera. Sensor size is just as important though (lots of mega pixels on a tiny sensor means crappy pcitures).

What is your price range?

US $600 approximately.
How is lithium ion battery compared to NIMH battery. Better or worse timewise? pricewise?
How do I look at sensor size? how large is good?
in the specifications of camera?

You might find a g6 for close to that or maybe try to find a new g5 cheaper than that. Older model cameras can often save you a lot of money and still give very good performance. Lithium ion has the best performance for it’s size (they use them because they can be small) but they are substantially more expensive than nimh aa batteries. The sensor size can usally be found in the specifications. I would go with a sensor that is at least 1/2 inch for good night shots (the g series are .55 inch if I recall right).
An exelent place to look is dpreview not just for canons, but any camera you consider (and look at the camera reviews). They are pretty long to read through, but they address every concern you have in detail (shooting speed, exact battery life, image quality, night shooting performance, info about the megapixels and sensor size).
here is the g6 review
and here is the g5 review

all reviews
I think the canons are great cameras, but if you want to look at other cameras, the g series are a good refrence point to compare to using the above reviews.

these are pretty old cameras and i cannot find them anywhere.

You seem to be right. I havent keep up with canon latlly. Perhaps the pro1 is meant to replace the g series or perhaps there is new g series coming out. I’ll see what I can find about what the current canon high end prosumer is and how good it is. Sorry about that.

hello ripit. i need simliar stuff.
how are these cameras:

Canon PowerShot A620,
Canon PowerShot SD500,
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W7,
Canon PowerShot S2 IS.

there is also nikon d50 but with only 6.1 megapixels.

The Canon A620 and “S2 IS” are both excellent.

The nice thing about the Canon G6 is that you can add a hot shoe flash, with that you can make stunning indoor photo’s. Its fun playing with the flash and “bouncing it” to get the best effect. :slight_smile:

There is a little bit of a trade off on the a620 and s2is. The a620 has a larger sensor so a little bit beter low light performance. The slis has 12x zoom and slightly faster continious shooting. Both look like good cameras though. The sd500 is part of the elph series. These are compact cameras, and while they are smaller, they tend to loose features and capabilities due to the smaller size. I would be carfull about the sony. I have a sony v-1 (an older model but similar to the w7 if I am not mistaken). It’s performance is good picture wize, but it is a painfully slow camera (forget about sports and action shots). I think the w7 might be a little quicker, but I would still want to try one out first. I think I would tend towards the two canons out of those.
There do seem to be some canon g6’s floating around for pretty good prices (They show as a current model on canons site, so I’m guessing they were recentlly discontinued).
If it is in your budget, the canon pro1 has the bigest sensor (best low light performance), the fastest shooting time, plus a 7x optical zoom (the s2is has 12x but has a smaller sensor).
@robinsoncrusoe, there are still some g6’s out there but if you cannot find one, I would recomend the canon pro 1 for what you want. Of course after you get batteries, memory cards, accesories etc, if it is out of your price range, then the a620 might be one to look at and defanatlly in your price range. I have owned a couple of canon a series cameras, and they generally have exelent performance and features for the price (another strong point of canon). I’m guessing the pro 1 is the replacment for the g6, its about the same price as a new model g series usally goes for. Either that or there will be another g series introduced soon.

You´re gonna have to Google for some comparisons. The big names are all pretty good, but as usual, but all have their strong and weak points. You need to see that they offer you what you want. Look at:

Sensor size (the bigger the better)
Fast shutter reaction time (Ricoh may still be the only really fast one in the compact range)
Megapixels (anything up from 6 if the chip is big enough)
Optical zoom range (ignore digital zoom - it´s a gimmick & just rubbish)
Optical viewfinder (better in many situations + u can turn the monitor off to save battery power)
Batteries (Lithium is best, but nothing wrong with rechargeable AAs if u carry plenty of spares)
Noise (means quality degrades when you get to higher ISO settings…some cameras perform better than others here)

I have a Sony DSC V3 7.2mp and it works pretty well - a year old but used often on professional jobs.

So, Google for the latest options, and remember it should feel good in your hands - it helps one to use the camera well !

Reguardless of what camera you decide on, the reviews on dpreview are very good and should tell you just about anything you would want to know about particular cameras. If nothing else, look at the conclution on the last page.

I just found out, both the canon g6 and the canon pro 1 are both going to be officially discontinued, and no similar replacment model is currently planned. It might be a good oportunity to get a good deal on one as prices should start dropping (it seems the g6 has already dropped a few hundred dollars). If not, maybe sony is your best bet for a high end prosumer camera. It makes me wonder what canon is up to though?

how is this one? it is showing on canon site:
will be available in may 2006.

CANON PowerShot S3 IS

It’s kind of hard to tell on that one till it comes out and is reviewed. Like the s2is it has a smaller sensor than the a620, which normally would mean that low light performance would be worse. I say normally because there are several high iso cameras out or anounced and soon to be out. The s3is has an iso of 800 compared to the s2is that’s max is 400. The general concensus seems to be that the higher iso’s are a load of crap. There is a fuji that has iso 1600 and it has been reviewed. Aparentlly performance at iso 1600 is total crap, and even having the setting was just a sales gimic. Either canon has some new technology that allows beter low light performance from a smaller chip, or the higher iso is just a sales gimic. Beyond that, it seems to have the same advantage that the s2is does, 12x optical zoom. It also seems to have pretty good performance speed wise for its class. The s3is does seem to have faster rated speed than the s2is also.

here are reviews of the a620 and s2is by the way.
personally I think it is a trade off between low light performance and the long zoom between some of these cameras. The s2is/s3is have the long lens but the worst low light performance. The a620 has middle low light performance, the pro 1 has the best low light performance, but niether has that long 12x zoom.

One really important feature to get on a new canon camera is the Digic II processor. That way you’ll have ultra fast image processing for quick shot to shot performance. The Digic II is used in Canon’s top DSLR cameras.

The Canon Pro1 is pretty old now, I wouldn’t get it.


LOL, how would anyone know if its any good!?

Also the Powershot A700 is on the site. It has a larger 2.5" screen, and only uses 2 AA batteries instead of 4, comparing it to the A620. Its also a nicer case design.

The only thing that worries me about the a700 is like the s3is, it is using a smaller sensor and has increased iso. I think that I’ll reserve judgment till they are actually out and we get some reviews and see how these sensors compare. I’m guessing that these are a new 1/2.5" sensor designed for the higher iso, not the old 1/2.5" sensors canon was using, but I really don’t know. They seem to be replacing the larger 1/1.8" which would make me think that they would loose performance?

I think that indeed, the Canon S2 IS is one the best cams to fit your needs (as you don’t want a dSLR). The IS technology is quite nice (it adsorbs minor shocks, making lower shutterspeeds useable). I just bought a Nikon lens with VR tech (VR = IS) and I’m really happy with it.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the missing flash shoe on the S2. I have a Canon powershot G3 (hardly use it btw) and I tried an external flash on that cam once. My first thoughts… nobody will want this! External flashs are just too bulky and heavy for such tiny cameras. Even a dSLR feels a bit unbalanced when an external flash is on it, so you can imagine what the compact models feel like. Not such a good idea IMHO.

I’m researching good camera options for a friend, and my research (through CNET/ZDNet), indicates both the
Fujifilm FinePix S5200


Canon PowerShot S2 IS

would be very good choices. The S2 IS has a 12x Zoom and Image stabilization, while the Fujifilm is only 10x Optical Zoom. Seems the user opinions at that site are even on both, and either way, both use AA batteries (but I’d get the NiMH rechargables). I bet either of these would be far superior to my abominable 2.1 mp Sony DSC-S50 in image quality at the very least. :stuck_out_tongue:

I realize the thread hasn’t been touched in a while, but it came up when I googled, so I thought I’d put in my 2 cents. :stuck_out_tongue:

The difference is between the 2 models that they appear quite comparable, especially when using the Anti-blur mode, which is said to be Fuji’s equivalent to Image Stabilization in the Canon. The other notable difference is that you can basically “load up” on accessories (rechargable batteries, case, USB reader and xD card) with the Fuji and be at the same price of the Canon S2 IS with NO accessories. For my money, I’d go with the Fuji and “full accesories” option ( :wink: