The best CDR Software

Hi! I have been reading all of the expert advice over the net as to the best CDR burning software and it seems that there are many conflicts. On here, I notice that most people say that Easy CD Creator is the absolute worst but can I ask why? What I mainly want to do is make compilations of various CDs and I can’t seem to do it with Nero or Feurio unless I save the track as a wav on the computer and I’m not sure if I lose quality doing this so I’m thinking of using Easy CD Creator or WinOnCD or something else? I previously used Easy CD Creator 3.5 and never had one problem which is why I’d like to know what the problems are with it? Will I get an exact copy of the CDs I burn using it?

Well I might not be an expert but, In my opinion Adaptec’s software is probably ok for Audio stuff. If you save the audio tracks off as a wav, and then back to another cd as a cd track you shouldn’t lose any quality. I use a variety of software for audio stuff. A lot of it is free. If you get the full CD Creator Deluxe, it comes with spin doctor (I’m not sure if it comes with the regular ver.) Spin Doctor allows you to grab from several different CDs and put them on one CD all at the same time. It simply asks you to insert each disk one at a time while it grabs the tracks you selected from that particular cd.

Once again, this is just my humble, non expert opinion. I’m curious what anybody else has to say.