The best cd writer

:bow: Have looked in the search but cant find anything on whats the best cd writer to buy,plextor seems to crop up but what model, also believe you get what you pay for,can you help me out there,many thanks for your time


Post ONLY once please - Very bad form to post same question multiple times-


Me personally i like My LG cd-rws, the dvd combos. They work a treat…SasArchiver

i use the LG cd/DVD rw combo drives they are good u should think bout gettin that

there u go, see :iagree:

the plextor you are talking about is the Plex Writer premium.

The model i saw quoted was px-w121032,are there newer models that are as good as if not better, or should i try for this writer

The plexWriter premium is the best CD writer that Plextor makes it is a 52x32x40.