The best cd-rw burner on the market bar none



what is it. does anyone have an idea of the best cd-rw burner to buy is? i would like to be able to burn any cd or file that i choose. Of course with the right software. What burner can do this for me, i want to be able to backup my playstation games and burn cds. any help with this question would be greatly appreciated


hey joe…well would go with plextor but i believe for ps2 games you need a dvd burner and special software to make copies of the games, i could be mistaken, but that’s from what i read. as for the dvd burner would go with sony or lite-one those two seems to be best ones. you might want to check pcworld or pcmag or any other computer site that does reviews. that’s where i get all of my info and advise if i’m looking to buy something…but i guess the best advise would be from friends…at least they can give you a better perspective on what to get and what not to get, since they already have experience in what you are looking for.

good luck!! let me know what happens.


Best DVD-Burners are BenQ, NEC, Pioneer, LG, or Plextor and not necessarily in that order. Lite-On DVD-Burners in my opinion aren’t very good or well built at all, I’d stay away. Their CD-Burners and DVD-Rom drives were much better quality than their DVD-Burners.

For a CD-Burner you can’t really go wrong with any of the brands anymore but to be on the safe side I’d recommend either a Lite-On (notice the difference here as I list them first - they really are great cd-burners!), Plextor, Samsung (TS-H492A CD-RW/DVD combo is an awesome CD-Burner for me!), or maybe a BenQ (don’t really have any experience with their cd burners. But with the price of cd-burners nowadays I’d say go for the Lite-On or Plextor or the Samsung model I have and you really can’t go wrong.

@xscorpion - You need to read up on these forums more. He also didn’t mention Playstation 2 - I only saw mention of Playstation games which are fine on an 80 minute CD-R. Just use name brand media like Fuji, Maxell, TDK, etc. I have been using Ridata CD-R’s and they seem to be just fine outside of a blank media code so you don’t know what they are but they are 48x and burn up to 52x (overspeeding, yay!) on my Samsung. The Fuji 52x cd-r’s burned at a full 52x on my Samsung and I had some 32x Memorex’s before that could overspeed to 40x (not that I go much over 16x since I do a lot with my music collection for work and I go slower so my Sony MP3 CD-R/RW capable boombox can read them correctly to be on the safe side!

Check out for some good deals - they also have a lot of free shipping deals going on right now. I’d stay away from KHypermedia, HP, and other cd-r brands. I’d also look for cd-r’s with the silverish type bottoms as they seem to be more scratch resistance. That’s the reason I recommend to stay away from HP CD-R’s as they have a purple bottom (CMC Magnetics Dye) and seem to scratch really easily if you aren’t careful even if decent cd storage wallets.