The best CD-R at the moment? Different from Tayo Juden



Hello to all!

I need only a little help.

Actually I use CD-R made from Verbatim, extra protection.

They are produced from Baer Moser India.

In alternative I use:

  • Philips (produced from CMC Magnetic)
  • Intenso (made from Plasmo Data System)

What are the better producers?

Verbatim? Intenso? Philips?




TY has, and probably will always be the best for CD-Rs. (I’m talking just CD-Rs here, people may say otherwise about DVD/BD)


Personally, I’d stick with the MBIL discs if they’re doing the job. Chances are, it’ll say Made in India on any brand’s packaging, so they’re easier to pick out than say CMC or Ritek.

Most of the brands you mention, use lots of different manufacturers for their discs…what I tend to do, if use something like Taiyo Yuden for my “master set” of CDRs, then something like Moser Baer, CMC, Sony or Ritek as a backup.

I’d stay clear of Intenso or AOne branded discs altogether, but you could pick any one of those other brands as an alternative, really. Entirely up to you. :slight_smile: