The best cd for burning audio

Hello… I have a lot of .ape, .flac music which I would like to burn and I need the best cd quality i can find.

I´m considering Ridata black ones… but i´m not sure about them… could someone give me some information about if its a good choice???

Thank you!!

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The Ridata should be fine. What are the BEST CDR discs is debatable, Taiyo Yuden, Maxell professional line, Verbatim…? Each one will have his/her preferences. My preference goes to Taiyo Yuden since I can’t find Maxell-manufactured CDRs anymore in my area, and the Verbs are overpriced in my opinion. I also use lots of Ritek CDRs.

A-grade Ritek CDRs (which these Ridata should be, but you’d better check first) are very good.

:cop: This opinion of mine does NOT extend to Ritek DVDRs. :wink: