The best burner for me?

Hi folks , i dont know what burner to buy ?

Philips 1640K
Benq 1620A
Benq 1620 PRO

Today i have a liteon 851@832 that suck on burn CMC MAG E01 , and some other cheap media , so thats the main reason i look for a new burner …

So i want a burner that is a really good dvd+ burner and are compatible with alot of “cheap” =) media .

For your information i dont know the differences betwen these burners at all , all i know is that all of them has got nice reviews.
So please help me find the right one =)

Best regards Spliffen

Go for which ever is cheaper coz they are all the same hardware with different firmware and software package

Does it have to be one of those 3?

Otherwise I would recommend the LG GSA-4163B or the Toshiba SD-R5372 (with the new firmware TU53 it’s capable of DVD±R = 16x, DVD±RW = 4x, DVD+R DL = 5x, CD-R = 48x, CD-RW = 24x and it reads DVD-RAM!!).

Yeah ? really , how about quality???

No , it does not have to be one of those 3 burners , but they all have very good reviews with nice quality burns …

So those 3 burners are all the same hardware , but with different firmwares ?

Best regards Spliffen

Sry for my horrible english =)

The Toshiba and the LG have great quality, just use good media.
Check also the LG Forum and this Toshiba SD-R5372 thread .

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If you want a BenQ OEM 1620 (Bare Drive) - $49.00 after
$20.00 rebate from Tiger Direct.

Just wanted to say thanks for the help , got my self a Benq 1620Pro now …

/ Spliffen