The best burn I have seen so far!

BenQ DW1620 B7T9 and MCC 003 (Verbatim DVD+R 8X) written at 12X and scanned at 8X!

Total of 24 PIF all over the disc! Maximum of 2! WOW! :bow: :bow: :bow:
Total of 27290 PIE isn’t so impressive, but average of 2,95 :slight_smile: :bow:

By the way, it seems impropable to me, but does the software used for burning affect the PIE/PIF errors? This one was burned using DVD Decrypter ISO mode. I have never achieved this quality with Nero nor Alcohol…

Holy cow!! Very, very nice burn :smiley:

Same media, 4X and 16X scan.
When the scanning speed reaches 14X, the PIE errors obviously have nothing to do with the media.

But I wonder why BenQ DW1620 reads DVD±R/RW media at 8X only, when it can scan it at 16X with acceptable quality/performace? I think it could easily read those at 16X… or at least 8X Z-CLV, but definately not 8X CAV…

And notice the speed at the end… 16,25X! :slight_smile:

Yeah, recording software can affect the quality of the burn.
I suppose that adding a great amount of RAM to a fast computer system could cover most software differences. However, on most systems, the software buffer behaves differently according to system load, available ram, and the writer of the software. :wink:

On my system, Nero burns poorly with choppy video playback. DVDDecryptor does a very good job, and RecordNow gets even higher quality (with much more speed). I’m just comparing ISO writing there.

Oh, and I removed all VSO and VSO based (computer-killing Patton Couffin Driver #&#$!!!) software from my system because the recording method in use tended to jam up my set-top player.

keep looking around you will find better scans :stuck_out_tongue:

Beautiful burn, especially considering that the 4x, 8x AND 16x scan all see this burn as 99%. Now, if only it were a 16x burn! :wink: