The best "Budget" blank discs

We know that there are a few top notch dvd-r and +r manufacturers in the market. They are TY, MCC, Sony and MXL. So what I am looking for is peoples choice for cheap budget discs that burn ok, playback well in most players and don’t lose their data.
I guess that the type of brands I would be looking at would be Gigastorage, Infodisc, Prodisc, MBI, LG MIDS, CMC, Daxon, lead data, optodisc etc.
Basically which disc in + or - gives the best bang for the buck in terms of 2nd tier quality?
For the -’ discs my vote is Gigastorage and for the +’ Im going with Daxon.

CMC MAG E01 under reputable brands is in general fair to good. Avoid the Memorex-branded ones (anyway they’re almost as expensive as Verbatim :rolleyes: ).

To get better help, you should IMO mention:

  1. Where you live (not the same prices or available media)
  2. Your usual burner (makes a huge difference with some MIDs).

Good luck :slight_smile:

edit just see that you are not looking for help - :bigsmile: sorry about that

I agree, best* non-premium MID I have used so.

(*Not TY/MCC quality or consistency of course, but adequate for normal usage. Other CMC MIDs have been too inconsistent for me.)

It’s a false economy to go for budget discs. You get what you pay for and longevity is an issue, if you want them to last and not to loose valuable data then pay a few pence more per disc.

I too would go with CMC.

MBI is another I’ve had good results with, both burn-wise and longevity-wise. :slight_smile:

For archival use, I would reccommend MCC004 discs, but not every disc you will want to burn requires that level of quality. Also, the CMC E01 discs have tested well in accelerated aging tests and also in reports from users on this forum so I don’t think it is that much of a false economy in this case, [I]but[/I] I do agree with your general sentiment on the matter. :slight_smile:

Hmm… if he just wants to try some stuff why not buy some budget discs too?
MBI and maybe CMC are good choices. But of course this also heavily depends on the burner’s support.

I would also back CMC and MBI as good choices - never had any issues personally, and none of them have even degraded slightly.

ritek r03 dvd+r tevion branded picked up from my local aldi’s in london. they were dirt cheap

obviously quality varies a lot more than premium media/brands;
burnt at 12x on the benq 1655 this is my best scan of the ritek r03

lets just see if it lasts!

MBI a few years back were rubbish - I guess this has changed.

I agree, false economy. You lose the pennies you saved every time a disc goes bad, which is anywhere from 20-100% of the time on budget grade media. For many people, [B]cheap media actually costs more money[/B] than just buying good stuff to start with.

The sad fact is people have forgotten how undervalued optical media is. It’s not like premium grade discs are expensive. Few things in this world are excellent quality and only cost 30-50 cents each.

Take advantage of this. Buy the best discs for the outrageously low price and leave that other garbage on the shelves. Those trash makers don’t deserve to be in business anyway.

Don’t throw away your advantage by being a cheapskate.


lordsmurf: Don’t forget that Taiyo Yuden media can be very scarce in Europe if you don’t have luck. Also, Verbatim media price and quality can vary a lot.

:iagree: Especially if you can’t shop online. And here in the UK, unless you find it on sale, Verbatim can still be quite expensive (again, in B&M stores).


Actually Maplins does them quite cheap, the 10 packs are expensive but the price drops as you buy the bigger packs. I was quite suprised, Verbs that is.

What about your many claims that media rarely, if ever, ‘goes bad’? Actually, with only a few exceptions, even most of the extremely cheap media I’ve used has held up well over time if stored decently. There are some exceptions though, Ritek G05 being a common one.

Regarding ‘cheaper’ media and what works well, depending on your burner and the specific media code, you can get great results with MBI, CMC, Prodisc, Daxon, and others. They aren’t ‘universally’ going to give you great results, but there are many combinations that work very well together. Not even TY or MCC is going to work well universally, there’s no such media and never will be, although they will work better in a wider variety of burners.

Doh, if I’d known that…hang on, that would have meant buying more media. Naughty. :bigsmile:

Well I would have but I already have 50 Verbs and 25 TYs to get through before I need any more. Plus I didn’t have any money left after abit of B&Q shopping.