The Best Brand of CMC Media



Other than Verbatim, which brand of media does CMC work the hardest for?

What I mean is, my perception of CMC media is that it varies in quality depending on who it’s manufactured for. When Verbatim cracks the whip, CMC says, “Yes, Daddy!”, and puts out quality media based on Verbatim’s high standards and tight specifications. On the other hand, when Staples says, “Can I have some media please?”, CMC throws them some leftovers that were sitting next to the garbage can.

So, who knows how to break CMC, and make them gallop like a champion?



Good question, though someone will correct if I’m wrong :slight_smile: the origin of manufacture will arise in this question this fact alone will make it hard to determine the best brand that CMC works the hardest for.


Infiniti branded MCC (CMC manufactured) has been excellent for me so far, apart from the obvious Verbatim.

HP CMC media I find is…OK for everyday use, as is the Imation branded CMC. Seems to stand the test of time fairly well though, I have Imation-branded CMC E01 that are over a year old, and still doing very well.

I think that’s the only CMC media I’ve used, all the rest is various flavours of TY.

Ooops, no it’s not…I have some Infiniti branded CMC M01s which, judging from test burns, look very promising.

Edit: these are just my simplified thoughts and experiences. I expect this discussion will get quite technical :bigsmile:


I’ve been told that HP CMC media is of very good quality although I’ve not tried it myself because it is too expensive (Verbatim is cheaper for me).

I’ve noticed that CMC media I’ve bought seem to come in higher and lower grade forms. Higher grade stuff :

  • TDK 8x DVD+R (CMC MAG E01)
  • Imation for Video 8x DVD-R (CMC MAG. AE1)

Lower grade stuff :

  • CyberDVD 8x DVD+R (CMC MAG E01)

Not tried this but it should be about the same quality as the CyberDVD stuff above - Spin-X 8x DVD+/-R.

Note that both CyberDVD and Spin-X say that they are “distributed by Imation” on their labels.

The lower quality stuff burns with higher PIF levels (max and average) that the higher quality stuff. I’ve got 2 coasters with the lower quality stuff so far.


Hehe, wonder if that stuff didn’t quite make the grade for the Imation brand :bigsmile:

I’ve yet to try the AE1s, but I’m working on it :bigsmile:


Yes, I guess CMC couldn’t have grown so much without Verbatim :wink:

CMC-made TDK should be okay. I still have some Verbatim Pearl Whites somewhere here, but I can’t find them at the moment. Most CMC should be okay, actually, if sold by bigger brands and not by small supermarket brands. I would avoid brands like TEVION or Bulkpaq which sound pretty fishy to me :iagree:


I’ve always found HP branded CMC to be of very high quality, I’ve used many brands of CMC media and while I haven’t had any major issues with any of them, my HP discs consistently burn extremely well.


:iagree: I agree with that statement 100%. Now if we could just do something about those pinkish-purplish colors we’d have a winner. :bigsmile:


Hehe, I haven’t had my HP CMCs for long, so I’ll let you know in about a year what I think about them longevity-wise. Hopefully they’re every bit as good as the Imation ones I’m using. :slight_smile:


Yeah, their coloring and labeling are awful, but they burn great and I use them for myself so I don’t mind how ugly they are. I have a large amount of 3+ year old HP CMC, no deterioration issues at all, they still scan extremely well. I posted a couple in the ‘old disc scans’ thread. And they’re nicer looking (blue). :stuck_out_tongue:


That sounds encouraging! :slight_smile:

Mine are like an orangey-yellow colour, the foulest colour they could’ve picked IMO :bigsmile:


I’ve got some CMC MAG F01 discs burned two years ago, Memorex branded. They were burned on a Philips TV DVD Recorder. Brilliant scans. The quality with Memorex can never be guaranteed though, so I don’t recommend them.


Got these at Staples for next to nothing with coupons and sale.

Burned this one disc at 16x. (first burn, so the Benq 1655 didnt have any sample)

Not too bad, no verify errors. The 8X scan was 94 quality , not too shabby, did a 2x scan that looks quite good.

The error rate was quite a bit higher at 8X, but as far as data reliability , this should be very readable , unless theres degridation over time.

What do you think, should I get another 50 pack for $3?


And on that note, when was the last time HP DVDs were on sale, not counting that price mistake at Officemax. I see that Staples and OfficeMax carry them, so price matching is a possibility, in addition to the use of coupons.


jdop: Sure, those aren’t bad as general usage discs, your drive seems to burn CMC well.


My Infiniti branded CMC E01’s are also of very good quality. Not one has failed me yet and they’re all going well. From what I have read, TDK CMC’s definately seem to be good quality syuff.


Ok, thought I’d post some scans so you guys can get an idea of what I am talking about with what I stated earlier. The first batch is scans of Imation Videos Photo Data 8x DVD-R (CMC MAG. AE1) burned with three different writers, all at 8x :

LG GSA-4163B A106

LG GSA-4167B DJ13

BenQ DW-1640 (crossflashed to EW-164 with BEGB)


Next, the difference between CyberDVD 8x DVD+R and TDK 8x DVD+R (both CMC MAG E01) burned with two different drives. First with the LG GSA-4167B :

CyberDVD 8x DVD+R



Lastly, with the BenQ DW-1640 (crossflashed to EW-164B BEGB) :

CyberDVD 8x DVD+R


Note to self : start hoarding those TDK discs.


Not quite that easy. Verbatim/Mitsubishi has on-site personnel (according to a 2004 interview, when outsourcing realy got started), and they provide much of what goes into the media. There is a real close oversight and participation going on. CMC is just real estate and extra hands, for the most part. TDK has a similar situation, though I think they let CMC weigh in a bit more.

CMC alone, with their own materials and everything, don’t really do a great job. They may separate the bad from the not-so-bad for various brands, but a lot of that does not really last. One month BRAND X is poo, while BRAND Z is decent (on some burners only). But next month, BRAND X and BRAND Z are both poo. A few months later, both brands are decent. It’s unreliable.

I’ve seen some excellent CMC results, but then I saw equal numbers of bad CMC results. The good ones all came off NEC burners.

The only thing you’ll get from this thread is wildly varied reports.