The best blank DVD scan ever? :>

I’ve been sifting through the forums for awhile now and after seeing all these media scans I was wondering that very question…

Who currently holds the title or claims the title of having the highest quality burn/scan out there :> :clap:

Since no one else has answered, I cannot recall who it was or if more than one person eventually achieved it, but the best has had very low pie and 0 pif. I tried searching but couldn’t find who did it or the scan.

i believe it was one of the “z” people

zebadee or zevia maybe…i could be totally off though.

i also want to say it was on a BenQ drive with TY media (though i guess it could have been MCC)

not sure why i bothered posting in this thread since I can’t really back up anything I said so don’t take my word for it! lol

I think it might have been on a benq 1620 with ty media, but then again, i could be way off too. I glanced around the 1620 scans thread but didn’t exactly feel like reading through all 90+ pages of it.

I thought it was chas0039 that had a zero PIF scan, my guess would be with a 1620 and T02, maybe TYG02. Cool to see, but beyond that of no real advantage over another burn with a low level of errors. My own best had somewhere around 5 total PIF, though anything with around 200 PIF or less, evenly spread, is impressive.

BTW, this thread would probably be better placed in the media forum or media testing forum.

Just checked and it was chas0039, here’s the thread -

Looking at his Benq scan, I have a couple of discs that could match that result. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. Moving it to the Blank Media forum & then Arachne or Dragemester can decide which is best.

Well, let’s not forget that good scans don’t mean perfect playability in dvd players. However, that scan by chas was pretty good. I’d be interested to see how it would scan @ 16x?

This is the closest I’ve gotten to zero PIF. Note how good the 16x scan also looks.

I have never seen a 0 PIF scan. RITEKP16 often scans
with total PIF below 100 and occasionally below 10.

Best PIF:

Best PIE:

This thread is useless because the scan result is very drive dependant when it comes to consumer testing devices.
So that perfect scan he has on that lite on, might look slightly worse on my Benq.

My samsung is slightly more sensitive than my liteon with pif so it might have shown some errors with that disk too. Further, the scan is meaningless with regard to playability, in that a disk with many more errors could still be very good and have great playability.
Still, just for the sake of a little fun competition among those of us that scan a lot, till someone gets better (on any drive), he still gets bragging rights!!! Considering the question was, who has the best scan, not who has the most playable or error free or perfect disk (which we may never know, who can afford professional testing equipment), I think its as fair as circumstances allow…

Personally, I think many of us take error rates a little to far (my self included). A lot of the scans that I see people call bad are actually not that bad and quite far under industry guidelines as far as what the average player will play. Then again, whats wrong with trying to shoot for perfection (we are cdfreaks, not joe blow average cd users, right). Its all in good fun.

I had a 0 PIF too but it was only 3,5 GB or so burned. Same combo as Chas, LG 4163 & TYG02 :smiley:

Re: the title - can I just point out that you can’t scan a blank disc? :bigsmile:

Yeah but it’s fun though. I love seeing that scan of Chas’s every time.


Alright, apart from QScan on a BenQ drive :bigsmile:

(Ignore me, I’m up to mischief ;))

Really? What about: Tracking Error (TE) and Focus Error (FE) testing ?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Smartypants :p…you know that wasn’t the kind of scan the OP was talking about :bigsmile:

I remember someone posting a zero PIF 100% disc quality scan burned using the LG 4163. The post was quite good, something like “Im gonna lock this disc in my cupboard and I can peacefully die now” :smiley: :smiley:

What about the best DL scan?

Yeah, that was chas - classic :iagree:

All that is from chas0039’s post linked to above (inc thread title)…

Edit: Arachne beat me to it :slight_smile:

Now there’s a challenge :iagree: :slight_smile: