The Best Avi To Dvd Converter

hello,which is the best converter to use for converting avi files to dvd files.i have already used the all in one convertx to dvd but am getting tired of using it as the end thing aint as good as quality i would like.many thanks

That’s actually a pretty lazy question. Search the forum and you’ll probably find lots of answers. I use FAVC and it works well.

Remember that there is no program that magically enhances the quality of your avi file to full dvd quality.

yes but i have near dvd quality avi files but convertx to dvd and all these no good converting software is mucking with the quality…

ConvertX always works well for me. Each to his/her own, of course - a forum search will pull up many options, some free.

The end quality does not always depend upon the software. There are many factors. The bitrate you are encoding, quality of media, hardware, software, all factor in. In general, quality costs money. Free stuff will do a decent job, but it isn’t professional. FAVC is pretty good for the free stuff, as is Convertx2dvd. If you want professional, you need a quality Encoder which is capable of multi pass encoding.

You need to figure out what you want, what you can live with, and then do some reading, and see which softwares might fit the bill. Then come back and ask people their opinions (which will be many, and be varied)

money aint a problem,i just need good quality,Does anyone know of any good quality converters…

If you want semi-professional, look at adobe premiere elements, or vegas movie studio. If you want professional, look at adobe CS, Vegas Video 8, Liquid Edition, Avid Xpress. Unless you are doing professional level work, I highly recommend that you look into Ulead Studio 11. It is a very good mid level program with great features and an easy learning curve…