The best audio-ripper

I rip a lot fo audio, and I want to get a new drive (my nec isn’t that good).

Features i’m looking for

  • Good reading of scratched and old cds
  • Pretty low offset
  • Read into lead in and out.
  • Beeing able to handle copy protecttion is also a nice bonus.

According to this, the Plex Premium is the best drive for the job, but are they right? It’s a pretty hefty pricetag for a cd-burner too.

The plex is good on offset, en overread, but how is it on scratched cds?

thanks in advance.


yes , plex is the best for audio.
if you want the best , you should expect pay a premium value :).
The plex 716a is good for audio thou and is a dvd burner.

my Premium does an excellent job of DAE on badly scratched CDs like this:

Hehe, to be honest that cd didn’t look as bad to me, I borrow a lot of cds on the library, and they usually look like hell.

But maybe I’ll get the plex then, I already have a dvd-burner, but I only burn about one dvd a week, where i rip about 10 cds a week, so ripping is my main priority.

Thanks for the input.


I also see that the 52-24-52 burner from plextor costs about half the price. Is there a difference between theese two in reading quality?


are you referring to the PX-230A?

this is Plextor’s cost effective version of the Premium I believe. some differences are less cache (8mb vs 2mb) and less functionality (appears to be no VariRec, GigaRec, etc.)…

not sure about DAE performance/reading quality though and haven’t seen any decent reviews of the 230A.

I was actually refering to the PX-W5224TA, but the same refers to the 230A, less functionality is a moot point for me, I almost never burn cds, and if I do, it’s just small stuff to give to others (reports and so on). Gigarec, varirec, cache, I would guess is features I never will need. So the readperformance is the main thing (does it have the singel-session thing that supposedly is good for copy-protected discs etc.)

EDIT: I see the 230A has a diffrent offset, does that mean that the mechanic parts in the two ar not the same? the w5224a has the same offset as the premium though.


yeah, the premium has single session:

Yeah, but what about the 230A and the 5224a?


not sure about those drives…perhaps someone who has one can fill us in…