The best audio burning software?

What is the best audio-cd burning software? One that is custimizable with gap size, cd-text, etc., but also isn’t extremely inconvienient to use (ie. command line with no gui). Also one that can decode mp3’s in high quality (unlike nero). Also, what would be a good mp3 burning program (one that can burn mp3s in a specified order). I am a fan of freeware, but burnatonce just doen’t have enough features at this time.


Feurio will probably do what you want.

Decoding of MP3 files is built in. Encoding is not - you either need a Windows MP3 codec, BladeEncoder or LAME. I’m afraid, though, I don’t know how well (or not) the MP3 features work, as I don’t use them.

Feurio cannot burn MP3 CDs.


Feurio, as DavidW said.
The MP3 decoding-buring features are the best you can find in a burning program.
Perfect decoder in quality and speed, and able to detect corrupt MP3s.