The best and newest CLUB/TRANCE CD's for only fl 15,-



Yep, that's right, every month the best dutch.german and ofcourse BELGIUM club and trance music.

Costs are fl 15,- for one cd, 25,- for 2 cd's (excl. 3,20 sending costs)
The cd's are incl. box and covers

Mail for info to with the subject "BPM"

List of volume 1 (dubbelcd, which are also some very good "old" songs on)

Yomanda - Synths & Strings
dj frank - story (dixies remix)
DJ Jose vs. G-Spott - House of justice
DJ Peter Project - Show me the way
drop out - my name is rose
Embargo - Hysterie
Kai tracid - destiny's path
Lock 'n Load - Blow ya mind (club caviar radio edit)
da rick - confusion
Monotone - Monotone
Milk Inc. - Oceans (UHT radio mix)
Scoop - Drop It
Scooter - Fuck the millennium
So Project - Direct Disko
Sound Design - Feelin' lonely (radio edit)
CVirtual Zone - Virtual zone (radio edit)
Aqualords - Witches

Atlantis 6 - Give it to me
Bibi - Batuna (Bibi's drop mix)
Bocca traxx - the real world
Cosmic Gate - Mental Atmosphere
DJ Arabesceque - Serendipity
DJ Crews - Set up on your feet (original mix)
DJ PETER PROJECT_The party plane
DJ Rob & MC Joe - The beat is flow '99
Da rick - Yodel (on a tripmix)
Fiocco - The music
Flyguy - Reflect (the riddle)
The Oh ! - Got to be free (radio edit)
Milk Inc - On Your Own
Nunca - voodoo
Out of grace - Anglia
Rollergirl - Luv u more
Maurizzio - feelings (clubmix)
Virtual zone - heaven

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