The Best 48125W fimware

Ok, I flashed my 40125S with 48125W VS06 firmware and noticed that I could no longer successfully burn MMORE 80min CD’s. Taiyo Yuden and Digital Storage Technology discs worked just fine.

I’ve seen people recommending different firmwares on this board, and I thought it would be great if you could share your experiences with different firmware. So please, tell me what you think is the best firmware and most importantly why…and remember, “because it’s the latest” is not a reason :wink:


I think there is a split in recommendations…some say VS02 gives best write quality while other would recommend VS06

I would just try both and see what happens …I am using VS02 since the 40x burn speed is faster tan VS06…22-40 vs 18-40

If I remember my Philips 40x cdr(CMC) burned better with VS06…I think I may reflash the drive and check again

I vote VS06. On both my drives it produces fewer read errors, and probably better writing, which I attribute in part to the slower speed. It also has more compatable media.

Well I know that VS02 is faster…

But in my part, I got less error (and I made essentially & professionaly SVCD) and in my case, nero scandisk must have zero errors or the CD go to the garbage can… then I think VS06 could be a good choice if you need to be sure getting error free CD…

I should point out OC Freak feels VS02 gives best write quality…at least he did in the past…I say try them out for yourself…see what works best for your drive and media

Different people seem to have different results with Vs06 and Vs02. I find Vs06 more reliable and the same speed as Vs02, so after testing them both I use Vs06. But based on all the different opinions, it seems clear that different computers get different results. So as nealh says, you should try them both out and decide for yourself.:cool: :bigsmile:

I think it’s the drives themselves. I’ve had 3 now, each one is different in the way it behaves with different media and F/W.