The benefits of buying from a major retailer - EXCHANGEABILITY!

I just went through a nightmare with an HP 640i DVD writer. What did I do? Took it back and exchanged for a LG GSA4163B that works awesome.

Why was it easy? Because I didn’t try to save $20 by buying off some shady online dealer working out of his basement. I bought it from a huge chain (Future Shop in Canada) and live 20 minutes from a location that will exchange anything you bring in under any conditions any time with no question (once I did it without a receipt - still no issue).

Don’t screw yourself. Avoiding the hassle is worth any extra money.

You have your good point, unfortunately, not all of us born rich. And
most people dont have problem RMAing their products through online retailer. Amazon, for instant, no question asked policy for returning an item, they just send you a returning box with self stamped address so you can send in the returning item. Or in the case of exchanging, they send you a new in replacement of defective item with one condition, you have to send the defective item back to them within 30 days of receiving a new one. In your situation, $20 saving is a small amount. In some cases, buying online saves over $500. For a few dollars saving, of course it is a no brainer to buy in store. but online retails are for big savings.
I am currently eyeballing a 40" sony Brevia XBR LCD screen. In a retail store, this sucker costs $3500. But online I can find it for around $2600 - $2700 shipped and no tax. Thats almost 1k saving = 1 week of hard earn money. And when buying online, I do my research before buying using retail store. I go into retail store to check out the product then I read the reviews online before making a purchase. So I dont have any problems with satisfaction and thus I dont have to run into the hassle of returning.

Yo gc-

Very good points overall-

However he lives in Canada - and they do not seem to enjoy the likes of Rima and Newegg up there - like we do down here - which is too bad 'cause we definitely have the advantage of competition and the Customer Service-eh!

I like you and a host of others in here have been able to save a lot of money on many different things because of Amazon, Newegg and Rima - and have the added benefit of not having to drive all over the country side comparing prices from one store to the other (like the good old days)-eh!


Good call guys. If you can get away with buying it cheap and are certain of support, go for it.

I’m sure you guys do have it a lot better with the added competition in the US.

Just be careful. Price isn’t everything. Time and headache (and potential restocking/shipping fees) count for something too.

Sears (I think) was one of the first to pioneer the ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ warranty meaning that you can return the item to any store for any reason for a return. This is important to me and one of the reasons we patronize these stores and will pay up to around 10% more for the item. The no hassle is worth it to us. Especially not having to deal with return mail orders.

I think it really just depends on what you are buying (for me anyway). I tend to prefer buying electronics and computer parts locally because thier is such a high risk of defects (it seems that even the major manufactures are making everything of mass produced, disposable quality these days). I don’t mind paying 10-20 percent more to get it locally and avoid hassels. Still, sometimes you can get things for half the price online and as long as it is from a reputable online dealer with a resonable return policy? I usally just weigh the advantages, disadvantages and priced diffrence (both percentage price diffrence as well as dollar amount). Sometimes its worth taking the additional risk ordering online, sometimes it’s not.

As mentioned by several others, it really depends where you live. If you live in Canada then I agree as there are precious few e-tailers located up there and shipping charges from US sites are rediculous. However, for those of us located in the US there are plenty of money-saving reliable options on the internet that are well worth it. Can’t tell you how much money and hassle sites like and have saved me.

It’s true that the return policies at the major department stores and some of the retail chains are excellent, but I’ve NEVER had a problem with In the two instances that I’ve had to return something, they not only extended the 30 day policy return policy on one because they were having problems with their online pre-paid shipping (printing problems), they even sent an additional pre-paid shipping sticker in the event it wasn’t fixed in time.

In another instance, an item had some superficial scratches, and they offered such a generous credit that I didn’t even take them up on their offer to return it instead.