The Beatles set to end its resistance to online music services

I just posted the article The Beatles set to end its resistance to online music services.

 The  Beatles have finally decided that they are interested in making their music  digitally available online, but are currently in talks and on a lookout for an  online provider to resell its...
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I’ve never been sure what all the fuss was about the Beatles catalogue, a CD-ROM with the entire Beatles catalogue has been in circulation for many years already. I’m sure anyone who really wants it already has it.

I Wonder what John And George Had to say about this?

I’m not sure what the fuss is either. Now. But when they first hit the US, they turned things upside down. They even had the FBI on their *ss as they had too much influence on young people. They were an enemy to the government as their ideals didn’t match Uncle Sam’s. I miss their energy, message and music. They were great when they were together. They had a major impact on society over here. How many “bands” can say that?
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Oh well good. It’s finally time they’re ready to adapt like others in the industry and be fair to people who want to purchase their music. The only problem is, I can play that game to and refuse to purchase music from artist who think they’re too good to sell their music online.

“I Wonder what John And George Had to say about this?”… John had some vision, I think he would have been in it a while ago… Someone correct me , didn’t michael jackson buy the copywrite to their music a while ago??..:X

Their music has been available on for the few months that I’ve been a member. Customizable encoding schemes without any DRM…

Jackson bought the rights for the music a long time ago but sold it a few years later and made a TON of money…about 3 times what he originally paid for it.

Sherrif- I have to agree about Lennon. "Imagine no possession, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger a brotherhood of man " :slight_smile:

Paul’s a greedy fr. He killed John, then George, so he can take all the money. Die mother*. [expletives modified]
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Finally !! Bouaaaah please not with M$ … I even prefer ITunes… please not M$ … Long Live The Beatles!

this is news? like the first poster said… their stuff has been floating around the net for a looooong time… free too!:d

No not on the net, I just remember some friends making a secure backup of the entire Beatles catalgue on a single CD-ROM from a master secure backup! :d All files were MP3s, no OGG, WMV back then. So I’m probably talking 6-7 years ago…

The question is would Lennon turn in his grave over all the money Maccers got, and of course all his possessions…? I suspect so if he really was the genuine guy we all like to believe he is… Oh yeah and Paul McCartney sucks!