The beast is back: Get your thumbs on! Now!



I just posted the article The beast is back: Get your thumbs on! Now!!!.

The beast itself has made a new “Windows Keyboard” for XP. It includes several new “Enhancements”, like “Single-Touch-Pad” for easier navigation in documents and “Open” “Close” And “New file”…

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I would hope in 10 years there will be something better to input data than a keyboard, but that is another article. Right?


Any URL’s where we could see this keyboard?


I thought that voicerecognition was the future?? :8


YAK…I don`t want this piece of microshit… Even the win95 keys on my keyboard are verry anoying…so please no more windows keys…


I still have my old keyboard that I bought back in '95 - no Windows keys at all, and a generous spacebar key! I’m happy :slight_smile:


URL 4 a sneak preview of the new keyboard:


Hey!, Where’s the “ANY” key?


Anyone know where i can get one of those keyboards? :4