The battle of the century AnyDVD vs. Ripguard



Ali vs. Frazier
Holyfield vs. Tysom
Boston vs. NY

A big battle is looming on the horizon for Elby and anydvd. They are going to have to go toe to toe with Macrovision’s new copy protection scheme known as “ripguard”. Macrovision professes this new scheme to be nearly unbreakable.

Will Elby prevail?

I sure hope so, stay tuned…


Decrypter will soon have that beaten.


How do you know this already, Ivanhoe? Just wondering what your resources are. :slight_smile:


lol, if it can be done, I’m sure someone will do it.

I’ve made no comment on it, and can’t really until I actually get my hands on a disc that uses it.

Congrats to the SlySoft team if they find the disc first!


From what I understand of it, its not breaking it thats the problem. DVD Decrypter and Slysoft will have it covered. The problem is legalitys. It basically means any company that produces software to break this protection, will be liable for prosecution, no matter what country their in.

February 15, 2005-Macrovision® Corporation (Nasdaq: MVSN), the world’s leading supplier of content and software value management solutions, today announced the worldwide availability of RipGuard DVD™ a digital rip-control solution for DVD Video. RipGuard DVD plugs the “digital hole” created by PC-based DeCSS ripper software, which allows millions of average consumers to make unauthorized perfect digital copies of copyrighted DVDs in mere minutes. These copies can be burned to inexpensive recordable DVDs or uploaded onto the peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. P2P downloads and the “rent, rip, return” of DVDs are an ongoing source of billions of dollars in annual revenue losses for the movie studios.

RipGuard DVD is a unilateral content protection system that is applied to DVD discs and requires no additional software or hardware to be incorporated into PCs, DVD players or DVD recorders. The combination of Macrovision’s analog copy protection technology (ACP) and RipGuard DVD provides comprehensive DVD protection for both major piracy threats faced by video content copyright owners — the analog and digital holes. RipGuard DVD is a technological solution that effectively protects a copyright owner’s rights. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) makes it illegal to attempt circumvention of such technological measures.


Oh dear, looks like we’re stufed then. I am disabled and I damage nearly all my DVD’s sooner or later, so making a backup is essential as I will usually mess those up as well. Whatever anyone thinks, all my backups are just that. I would never loan sell or hire any of my disc’s to anyone, not even my family. I live mostly on my own and have to try to be careful with my disc’s, but I always seem to drop, scratch or render them unplayable.

I spend alot of my pension money on DVD’s as it is one of the few things in my life that I can get any pleasure from. If I cannot back them up, I will simply stop buying them and do without.

This obviously will be a very small ammount of money lost to the film companies and all in between, but I will not pay up to £17ish on a DVD I may only manage to watch once.


I was wondering if Author of Anydvd got any thing to say to this new marcovision protection.


Let’ s just hope this is not the end of ripping the dvd>>>???


Gime a #@$& break, Battle of the Century?

A) It is only a movie, get it? only a movie
B) Will RipGuard play on your DVD player? Get it?
C) Your post is really childish and redundant and has no purpose. Unless you train to become politician
D) How many titles so far have you failed to backup due to RipGuard? Oh, there are none out yet? Hmmm, maybe we should wait and see?
E) The FREEWARE will lead the way out of this.
F) My advice: don’t lose sleep over it.


Do you think this is different and more restriction than any other such issues to date?


The company has said that the new encryption is 97% effective. Therefore, we already have a crack! Wait for the new stuff to come out. Then someone will crack the code using the 3% software XYZ.


Pollushon, you clearly know absolutely nothing about law, so it might be best not to offer such bad and uneducated advice on the subject.

The DMCA applies only in the US, it does not apply anywhere else in the world.

You can pretend that it does, but it doesn’t. It didn’t when Norwegian Jon Johansen, author of DeCSS, was unfairly prosecuted by his own country, under pressure from the MPAA, and it doesn’t now.

He was cleared of all charges, and the ruling by the judge presiding over the case was distinct and not open to interpretation, as was that of the appeal judge.

Now it may well be illegal to sell products which circumvent copyprotection in Europe, following the introduction of EUCD leglislation a few years ago, however this has yet to be proven in a court of law.

But products which already circumvent copyprotection, such as DeCSS and DVD Shrink are legal at the present time.

Plus, again this law is only relevant in Europe, just as the DMCA is in the US. There are still many parts of the world who are not covered by any such laws, and there is nothing Macrovision or anyone else can do about it.


I said on this subject that at 3% it means


they already KNOW there is ONE program out of 33 programs that the “new” Ripguard already failed before it is even out in the market,


this is Windows only issue, mean someone might need to write special driver to bypass it.

Can also be that one specific DVD-ROM or DVD±R makes this protection useless.

Patience, we shall see next month.


Macrovision has a better marketing machine than SONY and Settec, that’s all.


Yup…gotta pump up the stock price.


“Macrovision® Corporation (Nasdaq: MVSN), the world’s leading supplier of content and software value management solutions”
They will bankrupt, no body going to buy this, because how do they support billion player current on market now even old player, don’t worry that we have the best guru around. Just a new games to play, if not it’s borring, cheer


Thanks Guys, these last posts since mine has cheered me up no end. The thought of no DVD’s was really depressing.


Wow, you are quite the hate monger aren’t you?



Well this week, there is nothing worth watching, I usually get some things nice and early…


And you still don’t get it :(:(:frowning:
Just grow up, will you?