The Band/Artiste You Dislike The Most

I don’t know whether or not anyone has ever started a thread with this subject? Apologies if they have :confused:

There are many many ‘acts’ that when they come on TV or radio, I reach straight for the off button. Many people obviously love them otherwise they wouldn’t have made records and be in the media in the first place.

It’s just, well, anyway, here’s two of my hates.

COLDPLAY - they’ve got to be the most over-rated, depressive, boring band in the world :iagree: . None of the band members have any charisma at all and each CD bought, should come with a bag full of razor blades with which to end it all.

I can’t emphasise really how much I dislike them. If they were playing in my backgarden I’d close the curtains and turn the TV up. You couldn’t pay me to go and see them live.

DIDO - Well, she’s in the same boat as those miserable lot above. Every song is so slow and monotonous that the whole crowd must have their lighters out for every song. Shops in the surrounding area must make a killing in lighters and lighter fluid. The local hospitals must be furious about the number of burn victims admitted on nights of Dido concerts.

And what does she ‘sing’ for an encore? Yet another bloody ballad :iagree: . I bet fewer people come out of those concerts alive, than went in.

I’m sure this will have touched the nerves of Comaplay and Dildo, but it’s just my opinion after all :bigsmile:

pretty much all rap :Z …some of it is okay, but for the most part it sucks :iagree:
Oh ya…and anything sung by fantasia barino I don’t like her voice or her personality

I second the vote for all rap music, I have actually left a few parties due to the poor
taste of a few lost souls that had mistaken rap for music.

What about emo music… it all “lets slit our wrists because no one under stands us” kind of music. One “band” I particually dont like is my chemical romance.


Stand has got to be the most obnoxious song ever recorded by a music act. :Z :Z

James Blunt - Talk about whiney annoying voice, how he survived the army I don’t know.
Leonard Cohen - music to slit wrists by, infact it was banned in one of the mental hospitals I worked in.

Absolute class quote LMFAO :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

LOL @ JayC :bigsmile:

I agree about the rap thing…crap with a silent ‘c’ :Z

Probally everything that is currently playing on MTV. OH that’s right they don’t have music on that channel.

Leonard Cohen is one of the most talented musical artists of our time. You obviously have very different tastes in music than I do.

Living the sickeningly sweet life of the amoral, jaded, bored, bitter, and very angry audiophile…

white stripes

anything that sounds like Korn, and just generally bands that scream enough to make themselves horse. also included in this style are linkin park, nirvana, trivium etc.

Wow greg, controversial or what !! :bow:

I think I’d like to add to the bands I dislike, all ‘girl’ ‘bands’. They may look sexy but most of them make me hurl.

I detest Bronski beat, Fisher Z and the Nits. Mainly because I do not like the voices of the singers. Too bad for the fans but they can ruin my mood.

you just called all the bands i do like :stuck_out_tongue:

and about KORN there are 2 bands called KORN but basicly its the same sort of music.

but i realy dislike 50 cent he realy thinks he is all that with his " i am a rapper and a pimp" without eminem we still never would have heard of him.

the old eminem sucks to but since he has a daughter he has changed allot.

Greatest Hits '93 - '03 [Explicit] by 311
Least Favorite:
From Under The Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy
(You get to listen free 5 times before buying :smiley: )

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Bullshit. 95% of Nirvana’s song are not screaming at all, many are very acoustic such as those at the Unplugged concert. As was said, very controversial band to name.

You want screaming, try SOAD :bigsmile:

Music that SUX:
ALL music from MUSICALS
Barbara Streisand (or whatever the speling be, that annoying woman)


I like korn
I like nirvana
I love soad
I love pink floyd
I like linkin park

… i poo on trivium