The audio on my Divx movie does not match in sync with the video, how can i fix this



CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE, i downloaded a movie which is an .avi (divx) file and the sound does not match in sync with the video, how can i correct this coz i have tried and i cant do it, PLEASE HELP… … . :frowning:


I assume your pc is fast enough to playback DivX? Cause if not it just cannot decode the sound + video fast enough what can cause into not matching sound.

First a question, is the sound to late?! Like a few secs or so?!
What you can do is rip the sound using Nandub (or VirtualDub) and make a version of the movie without sound aswell. Then rejoin the 2 just made files (audio and a videofile without sound) using the same prog and then you can select that you want to playback the sound a few secs later. You can set this in the audiosettings!


Yeah i have a fast PC, 256mb RAM amda Pentium 3 550mhz…
so it can play them fine…

This idea may be tricky because i know there is a rough delay of 7 or 8 seconds but i may not get the audio right when trying this method is there another way, if not then i will have to try this way…

cheers for the post :slight_smile:


If I knew another way, I would tell ya! :wink:
You can choose any delay you like, cause you have to fill in a time that you want to delay or start ealier. Use positive or negative numbers.
It’s not work though! :wink:

Do you have this prob with every DivX or just this particular one?!
With all? Then defragin’ your sys could help!


Okee then Wookie i will try your first idea ripping the sound etc, to you tell me on how to do your suggestion please using VirtualDub, coz thats the software i have…

cheers… … . . … … … . . .


Originally posted by WhiteFaseKilla
coz thats the software i have…

Goto Gamefreak’s site for most progs! :wink:


Geez, obviously no one encodes Divx here.

Virtualdub is the program to use, no doubt.

What you want to do is open the AVI, then go to video and set it to direct stream copy, then go to audio and select interleaving. Set the offset to how ever much off you believe it to be, then save the avi as a seperate file. check it and if its still off try again. if you do it alot you will get very good at it quickly…

oh yeah, only select a small piece of the film when you’re testing to see if its in synch by going to a spot, pressing home, then going to a spot like thirty seconds later and pressing end… you will see a tiny blue line…

when you’re done, don’t forget to set the beginning and end to the beginning and end of the movie respectively…


Use Avinfo program to manually sync you video and audio.
Can be found at:

Have fun!