The audio CD celebrates its 20th birthday

I just posted the article The audio CD celebrates its 20th birthday.

August 17, 1982. About two years after I was born, the first audio CD was mass produced. The company that had the scoop was PolyGram (part of Philips) and it was the CD: "Claudio Arrau’s rendition…

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And 20 years is the time a patent can hold I believe… (patents last up to 17 years after issuing, when the ussuing took place prior to June 8, 1995) Wonder what happens next…

Wow! The CD seems to be the standard that’s sticking. DVD is hardly taking over as a software format is it? I predict that CDs will just get bigger, but will be backwards compatable. After all, the only reason things ship on 2 cds is because of the FMVs.

hmm, nice Flashback DoMiN8ToR :slight_smile:

the111 I am confused by your post. Cd’s are too small to hold a decent movie. The more detailed the FMV the more bits required. There are games that easily fill one DVD (w/o compression) and there are even some that require more than 4.7GB which is why there is DVD-9. Hell if DVD was such a big thing then we would not have special 2 DVD sets or double sided DVD’s. Besides a DVD is just a “bigger” CD that is backward compatible. Unless you mean making a form of media that uses the CDFS but is larger like a laser disc then you have me confused. Personally tho I think DVD is far from perfect for media. I would have preferred a bigger format to be adopted as the standard, but nobody knows what the future might bring. Perhaps we will one day have a 12cm holographic disc that is backward compatible with all other optical disk formats and capable of storing ridiculous ammounts of data :7

Well a new dvd format made for high definition recording will be available late next year capable of holding anywhere between 30-50 gig. Thats a nice amount :4

DinZy, I believe the111 is refering to computer software. You ever wonder why all these multi-cd games are not just released on 1 DVD? I guess it doesn’t really matter as most of us will just do the full install to copy all the data to the HD.