The Asus DVD E616 + Newer DVD Disks!

Hi, I am a system integrator and I have used a good number of Asus E616 DVD-ROM Drives in the systems I have made, including my own home PC. However, now these DVD-ROM drives are having problems to recognize newer DVD disks, which are easily recognized on other newer drives including Asus E616P1 models.

I understand that most of todays DVD-ROM production hardware devices did not exist when the E616 models were made. This makes it harder for these devices to recognize newer medias. But in spite of this, I believe that a newer firmware (>2.2) or some kind of hardware tweak can solve such compatiblity problems.

Here, I mention that I have already tried it with all available firmware versions (2.0,2.1,2.2) and also tried with different hardware configurations (DMA/PIO/Master/Slave/32Bit on/off etc). But finally, nothing helps.

Recently I have filed two complaints on Asus online tech support dept with an interval of more than two weeks. But it seems that they are in hibernation.

As far as I know, nearly all Asus DVD E616 owners are suffering from this problem. So, I think its time for somebody to come up.

I really appreciate your help and suggestions. Please note, a single unit can be replaced or dumped, but what about thousands (or more) of them?


Asus provides zero support. Suggest you find a new company to supply your drives. The E616P is based on a Pioneer drive, which would explain why the problem does not affect it.

Suggest you find a new company to supply your drives

It doesn’t need mentioning, I have already lost my trust on the brand Asus. Let alone choosing them for my machines, I will NEVER suggest anyone to get anything from Asus because of their poor after-sales support.

Anyways, I opened this thread just find a solution to give life to those dead drives. So, please post your suggestions if you have any.

At a company I used to work for, we had a similar problem with certain systems from some very known brand (not Asus). We did our very best to get the units replaced, but all we got was being told that the issue we were having was a “technical limit” on the devices.

My point: try whatever you can do (maybe a website with a petition would be a good idea?) to make your point clear to Asus, but most probably, you’ll be buying new DVDROM drives in a couple of weeks.


Is this the same with a DV-W50E?

I dug one up the other day and dropped it in my system, and have been struggling to get it to recognize my DVD’s.

It reads all sorts of CD media fine, but just reads and reads with no results on DVDs. I’ve tried multiple DMA modes (up to Ultra DMA mode 22 - Ultra33) and on various positions along my IDE chain as both master and slave.

The thing is, it won’t read the DVDs that I have that came out before the drive was made.

Maybe it has something to do with copy protection

I’ve had no problems with my E616 so far, but it doesn’t really see that many DVDs. I’ll have to have a go later.

[b]Hi everyone,

sorry about bumping this thread.

Just wondering any idea on how to make this DVD-ROM drive work in DMA mode, mine only works on PIO Mode. :frowning:

I’ve tried the “DMA if available” option of windows XP, but still its stuck at PIO Mode.

Oy yeah, almost forgot my specs:
AMD Sempron 2500+
ECS N2u400a
32mb TNT2 M64
512mb ddr400
Seagate 40gb Barracuda
NU CD-RW 52x24x52x

Replace the IDe cable and update the mobo BIOS.

Make sure DMA is enabled in the BIOS first.