The apple music hype



So far I´ve been able to avoid apple music… (I´ve been using Spotify so far) But it is getting bigger and bigger therefor I started to wonder what this is all about…
Has anyone already experience using it? Does it make sense to pay for it?
Is there a possibility to safe or record the music?

Looking forward to some testimonials :slight_smile:


I do remember when subscription music services first came out, I wondered why anyone would subscribe to one only to have all their song downloads taken hostage if they cancel their subscription. At that time I figured it would be much more worthwhile using the subscription price to buy second-hand CDs.

On the other hand, when subscription radio services such as Pandora started, those made a lot more sense. I.e. pay a monthly fee and you’ve got a nice choice of radio stations without the ads, yapping DJs or talk programmes. The catch was that most were not available in Ireland.

Last year Google ran a beta Music Key service for which I received an invite. While it was great at the time having ad-free music videos on YouTube, I also really liked Google’s Play Music service that was provided with the Music Key beta. Like Spotify, I can play albums, individual tracks, playlists and store music offline on my phone.

One thing I didn’t realise until I had the Google Music service was that it also offers a radio-like service - For example, when I’m in the car, I pick a style (e.g. Music for driving), then a genre (Pop) and a decade (80s) and it plays away using the phone’s data connection. Despite signal blackspots on my hour drive to work, it seems to buffer a few songs ahead as it’s never dropped out along the way. For sending the music to my car speakers, I just use a Bluetooth FM adapter that plugs in the 12v lighter socket and it sounds just as clear as listening to a CD while taking the engine/driving noise into account.

Once the Music Key beta ended, I ended up going for the Google Music subscription as I am fed up going through all the presets hearing either DJs yapping non-stop, politics talk or rap / hip-hop music particularly when stuck 10+ minutes in construction traffic. Sure I could load my phone with my own music collection, but I prefer the wide variety the music service offers particularly when good songs play that I haven’t thought of getting.


When we got cable television we also got Spotify Premium for free. So we’re using that. I’m a cheap bastard.

I hardly use it though. I’m used to searching for music on my network while playing the occasional card game on the XBox.

In the car i usually listen to podcasts or self made cd-r’s of OC Remix mp3’s.


ok, thanks for your experience.
Do you know a method to record the music from apple music?