The anticipation is going to kill me!

So I missed delivery at about 2:30pm (Was at work, what could I do). Picked it up (prearanged) at 8pm at the ups station. It was so pretty… so pretty that it deserves my best case with a window to show off all the pretty uv parts (uv paint, gotta love it). Problem is, I can’t put it together till I tear apart may best athlon xp system, and I cannot tear it apart till after I take care of some things tomorow (you know what).
I’m just staring at the box (tick tock, tick, tock, tick tock). I am so megga needing to know how far it will overclock without upping the voltage (got 2.4-2.5 on others cpu’s, pray min does at least 2.4 with stock heatsink and voltage).
I’m hoping that I can get two sticks of ram to work together on this MB (fat chance in hell, goodbye kingston, hellow 1 gig of new ram).

I wana do it now damn it!!! gotta work in the morning though, need a working computer (tick tock, tick tock). It’s like holding a piece of candy in front of a baby. I’m damn sure drolling, and staring at it as if it were the only thing in the world…Just a few more hours…
I need 40% overclock with stock voltage, will work for good cpu (I have doen it with several others computers. Gimme a good chip!!! Pray…Pray… 40% on stock, pray…

Good luck with it bro, keep us updated!

40% OC on stock voltage is a bit too much to expect me thinks :slight_smile:

Post what the stepping is when you open the box up

Version EVEREST v2.20.405
CPU Properties:
CPU Type AMD Athlon 64
CPU Alias Venice S939
CPU Stepping DH-E3
CPUID CPU Name AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor 3000+
CPUID Revision 00020FF0h

CPU Speed:
  CPU Clock                                         2519.78 MHz
  CPU Multiplier                                    9.0x
  CPU FSB                                           279.98 MHz  (original: 200 MHz, overclock: 40%)
  Memory Bus                                        251.98 MHz

Memory Timings 2.5-4-4-10 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)
Command Rate (CR) 1T

Motherboard 25 °C (77 °F)
CPU 26 °C (79 °F)
GPU 34 °C (93 °F)
GPU Ambient 29 °C (84 °F)
DW CDW63G0-D00NF0A 34 °C (93 °F)
Seagate ST3250823AS 36 °C (97 °F)

Cooling Fans:
  CPU                                               2616 RPM

Voltage Values:
  CPU Core                                          1.45 V

I did back the HT down from 5x to 4x 1400 was too high
6 months stable, but warmer weather is coming

my chip will go up to 292 fsb but have to change memory divider which
decreases performance(shrink transcode)

I want an opteron, but then I would want dual core too

It is this one from newegg

so acording to this
it should be e3 stepping.
I know that is not the best stepping (not sure how much diffrence it makes) but for 111$, no tax, free shipping, I’m not going to complain. Though this will be the first athlon 64 I have personally owned (I run athlon xp’s), I have built a few for others and have been quite amazed to seen a few athlon 64 3000’s overclock from 1.8MHz to around 2.4-2.6 MHz with stock cooling, very little heat increase and no voltage increase which corect me If I am wrong, is a 33-44% overclock. I’m lucky to get about 20% on my xp’s and that is with voltage increase and massive increase in heat, but I have seen athlon 64 3000’s do amazing things. We helped dj mind overclock his and If I recall right he got to about 2.54MHz with no voltage increase and very little heat increase (stock cooling). doing a bit of looking online, several other people have had as good of results with athlon 64 3000/3200’s. I certainly hope that it is not only better steppings that do this but so far as I know, the e3’s can do it too. I’m certainly hopeing for the best with this cpu.

Fyi, how would I know what the stepping is when I open the box?

According to AMDs website, the stepping will be E3.
Link To AMDCompare Site

good luck with the new build ripit…keep us posted :iagree:

I’m a little behind scedule. Right now I’m downloading benchmarking programs and getting basic software together for the new install. I’m considering running this system internet free (no internet conection so no antivirus/firewall software stealing all my power and no crap building up off the internet). I’ll run one of may athlon xp systems for the internet. I also want to run benchmarks on this system (athlon xp2500) to see how they compare with the new cpu/board. I’ll get the stuff in tonight though.

good luck and keep us posted!

I’m doing a 20% OC on undervoltage so I dont see why not :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would you use undervoltage may I ask?

Also, seeing that you have a Top Gear related avatar, are you watching the new show tonight?

Lower heat output, increased lifespan.

Well, I havent got to it yet. I got tied up doing benchmarks a lot longer than I thought I would. I want a good idea of how the new mb/cpu/memory benchmark compared to the old athlon xp setup. I have 3dmark01/03, pcmark 04, and sandra and everest benchmarks with system stock (1800MHz) and overclocked (2200MHz since that is where I usally ran it). Then I pulled the old video card (radeon 8500 agp 128mb, ati built), and ran them all a third time plus 3dmark05 (and I’ll probably run pcmark 05 now) with a pci radeon 9250 256MB, ati built (pci, not pci express). Tomorow after work I’ll install the new motherboard and cpu and benchmark it with the same pci videocard so I should have a direct comparison without diffrent videocards changing results. I’m going to run the pci card temporarilly till a get a decent pcie vid card (decided to go with a pcie motherboard as the 8500’s are getting pretty old though still more powerfull that a lot of the cheap cards). I was actually quite suprized how well the pci card benched (the 8500 blew it away of course but I expeceted the pci card to be much worse).
So after work tomorow I should finally get it done (and have the nex day off so I can stay up all night if nessasary).

I’ll look at it today when the little white bar is filled with blue. And less heat is less noise and less is more! :slight_smile:

I assume you already have a bunch of A64 overclocking guides bookmarked? Endless A64 overclocking and memory tweaking can induce THE TRUE MADNESS if you’re not careful… :wink:

Yes yes, most important thing, good memory! Your memory is almost certain to give up before your A64 does! Or buy a DFI and you get a nifty 183 divider! I want a 183-divider! Must go faster!

OT, i wached it & it was quite funny, the convertable renault :rolleyes:, & a fire

& the track test, but what about that sprots car they crashed, very nice

I have actually overclocked a handfull of athlon 64’s (just none that I personally owned) so I’m fairlly farmiliar with it. I did print out two athlon 64 overclocking guides for refrence though. I have even overclocked this same cpu (athlon 64 3000 venice core) on the same brand and nearlly same motherboard, both abit but his was chipset via k8t800 and mine in k8t880. The only main diffrence is agp and pcie, and yes I did pick that motherboard cause I got it mega cheap on clearance or I would have gone nvidia nforce 4. His hit just over 2.6MHz if I recall right but he ran it lower to work in non overclocking memory.

Speaking of memory, thats defanatlly my weak point (limited farmiliarity when it comes to overclocking). It didn’t matter much on my athlon xp systems much. Running an athlon xp2500 1.8MHz (fsb 166) at 2.2MHz (fsb 200) basically ran pc3200 at stock. The highest I had ran it was fsb 210 and that was seriously pushing my luck heat wise with air cooling and the kingston value ram handled that fine (I currently have value ram in all my computers though I have sworn off kingston for future purchases). I have two 512mb sticks of pc3200 but they are diffrent models with diffrent chips. they have refused to run together (single or dual channel even underclocked with seriously relaxed timings) in any of my systems. I’ll give one last ditch effort on this motherboard with the kingston but I’m betting its going to be time for a 1 gig (2x512) matched pair. I was considering just getting corsair valueram but the price on it is kind of high right now and it would seem some of the overclocking memory has came down quite a bit.
So thats where I’m lost. I know tccd was suposed to be the best (always out of my price range) and tcc5 is suposed to be good but it would seem that neither seems to be very avalable anymore that I can find at least? What are the current good chips and what sticks cary them (I’m kind of lost on that point right now)? Unfortunatlly I am limited to 2.9v on this motherboard so no high voltage ram and my budget is only a bit over 100$ (maybe 130$).
Also, I see ram rated higher than pc3200 (and it is ddr, not ddr2).

I have never dealt with higher than pc3200. Is it backwards compatible with a pc3200 motherboard and if so, does that mean that I can overclock it to its rated speed no problem (maybe higher with higher voltage)?
I may just stick with corsair value ram or something similarlly priced an mess with the memory divider a little, but I would like to know what my options are.

higher than PC3200 RAM is backwards compatible…basically it’s just a guaranteed overclock on the RAM at stated timings.

I have my pc4000 cas 2.5 set to 333 speed/divider running at 250 membus with my 280fsb for cpu, bench(transcode) does better than cas 2 premium pc3200 since that divider 3/5, makes membus 181 at fsb 290.
Even tried a gig of the pc3200, bench were worse. Ram become the bottle neck real fast with these 40% overclocks. What you really need is ram to run at 290-300 membus. Or an opteron that will overclock with multiplier not fsb. The onboard memory controller and dual channel make these overclocks very picky with ram, just 10% oc on the ram is usually enough to kill stability.