The anti-copy or print CD-R by Kodia

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D4rk0n3 used our news submit to tell us about yet another story of interest today, the DRM protected Kodia CD-R! According to the report, the
special CD-R allows a number of…

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Oh well, that’s it then. It can’t be copied, let’s go home :+

WoW !!! Another Rootkit Tool :smiley:

Is It Redbook Standard? No? Piss on it then.

too right it cant be copied cos no one is gonna buy it dead in the water thats what we like to see

I was of the understanding, if it can be read, then it can be copied, this device and it’s drivers must be fully reliant on the next gen intel TPM, built in for free with intel mac’s. Or the other way is a quadruple dose of SONY’s killer pc windows ROOTKIT. Ironically, whatever appears on any monitor, can be easily read and recorded by external devices anyway, using simple devices! Oh well, let the ignorant fly!:X

I can’t read korean, so their site is just gibberish to me, but if they don’t use some sort of rootkit or autorun technology then how on earth can they protect a cd? Think about it, I could put any type of file onto the CD (say a word document and a bunch of JPEGs), burn it with my bog standars straight-off-the-shelf burner, permit people to read the document, but not copy it? Surely I can do file -> Save As and I’ve got it. How about using xcopy from the command line? Or maybe it will only protect certain types of files? I guess I’ll have to wait for an english version of their site.

Thats my feelings too. I don’t care if they say you can’t, if you can read it someone will be able to crack it plain and simple. :X

The Kodia website has an english version , including a FAQ at
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How do you prevent the computer from printing? Don’t understand that part.

They probably mean it will prevent the normal non-tech person from copying, just to “help” them stay honest. The rest of us will have no more trouble than we do with anything else. If anyone actually bught it, that is. Which I predict highly unlikely.

My guess is it is for busnisses that are paranoid about their data. Sometimes I have had to sign non-disclosure agreements just so they would talk to us. From the web site it looks like it also allows only certian times to read the files. I’m still confused as to how it works.

It works based on specific hardware or software (rootkit?). You can extend the normal file info with additional info regarding the possibility of printing, copying, read only at certain times and whatever you like. We already have functions to prevent printing in software like he Acrobat and it’s proprietary, yet worldwide used, PDF format. In this case you can also set the resolution of the printing. So: no printing allowed, low res or free printing. However I agree that it’s targeted to normal pc users. Power users can probably skip or trick many functions.
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Perhaps it works like the old udf non-standards. Like to read a CD-RW generated by Roxio, you had to have Roxio’s udf reader loaded on a PC to read it (prior to Win 2000). I really don’t consider that a rootkit, but it is similar in that you will have to load a program in order to access the data on the disc. But this is only a guess 'cause I’m too lazy to go to their website and see. :B

Is this another one of those protections that can be defeated by turning off autoplay or holding down the shift key upon loading? Bah!