The Answer to NO REPLY

I have recently found out that some Internet Service Providers block the automatic replys that DVDFab and others send out. Mediacom is one of them. What I had to do was open an email account at Yahoo. Then go to DVDFab and change my email address. Then use my old KEY to register the ver. 3 program. It wouldn’t register but it would allow me to ask for another key. I’d done this many times before , but this time I did it with a new email address. In less then a minute I had the new KEY and it worked fine. I’ve been battling this problem for months and now it’s been resolved. gbenton turned me on to this in a PM. Hope this helps others.

Sounds like your spam filter needs to be set to accept email from DVDFab. Check your spam folder.

I don’t use a spam filter…

I think that is the cause of many of the support problems. Too bad some email companies just block the email without letting you know and give you a choice to accept or deny it. I think it was AT&T that was blocking a user’s email from fengtao. I received notice from my email supplier that they will not block email even those with a virus will give me a notification that it was put in a place where I can see who sent it.


The SPAM filter is on the ISP’s server, and you have no control over their settings.

I know that with Hotmail all of my email comes through, but the stuff it see’s as spam or junk goes to the junk or trash bin. I check it whenever I am expecting a special message. I know a lot of people are experienceing these problems. ~ Mike