The answer to all your questions

I just posted the article The answer to all your questions….

Have problems with your CD-R drive ? Don’t know how to backup SafeDisc 2 protected CD’s ? Don’t know what to get your wife for her birthday ? Need advice on what CPU to use on your new PC ? Curious…

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Yeah! Come & visit our forum. You’ll find me in the Dutch channels where you can ask for my advice about almost everything :slight_smile:

I thought there would be a visa card number with unlimited cash on it :slight_smile: !

heheh a visa card would be cool yeah… but the forum is alomost as cool as that…

The forum rox big time, should be advertised more I think, there are still a lot of people who don’t know about it’s existance. Private Messaging (PM) is great too’(can’t say why, but it all has to do with the rules of the forum :wink: )