The answer on how to unpack ClonyXXL for translating

For this you will need the system level debugger TRWin v1.23. The shareware version will do. This is on

Run it, and select FILE | COMMAND | TRNEWTCB and then run the exe for ClonyXXL or the Profiler.
TRWin should pop up in a window. If it does not, and ClonyXXL just runs, then start again. TRNEWTCB just catches the next ‘Thread’ so even moving a window can throw it off.

ok, in TRWin, type in PNEWSEC.
You will be returned to Windows for a few seconds (about 20) then TRWin will popup again. What has happened is the program has depacked and the instruction pointed to by the EIP register will the programs OEP (Original Entry Point).

Type in PEDUMP TEST.EXE. This will dump the uncompressed EXE back to disk.

Type in G and press enter. now Close Clony (or the profiler) and shut down TRWin. TEST.EXE is now your uncompressed executable, so rename it something more logical such as ClonyXXL-English.exe and GET TRANSLATING.

Who needs poxy universal UPX unpackers :slight_smile: