The AniMatrix - 4th Episode is out!

It’s out! The Second Renaissance Part 2

Downloading :slight_smile:

Oh , if you hate Apple’s Quiktime player , you can also try the Quicktime Alternative.

Is it just me, or did the guys at AniMatrix put The Second Renaissance Part 1 file as Part 2’s link? 'Cause I just finished downloading and got The Second Renaissance Part 1 instead of 2. Hmm… let me do that again.

When is the actual DVD of this out? Although I can spare the bandwidth etc, I would prefer to have them all on one shiny disc :slight_smile:

Did you even look at the front page? :Z

Umm … no … i enter direct to the forums … What am i looking for? There is no news on the DVD release of the Animatrix on the front page news … going back to the 1st anyway … Even a search on the main page yields no result :frowning:

Here’s your answer.

Cool! Gonna download this…

I didn’t see any other eps yet, but a collegeau of mine tipped me… :wink:

Thanks Stoner … appreciated, gonna have to get an order in for that :slight_smile: