The Amazon tablet is real & could be released this year

The Amazon tablet is real & could be released this year.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Amazon has been rumored to be readying an Android tablet for a while now and it seems that rumor may come true sooner rather than later. A 7 inch, color tablet, is being readied for production by the internet retailer with a launch data of November this year and it will be called simply the Amazon Kindle.

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I personally think a 7" tablet is too small. 9" or larger is best and keep the price low. The iPad price does not attract people (on the fanbois) as has been seen shown with the rush for the real cheep HP Touchpads…

7" is extremely portable & convenient … Pocket sized :wink:

Admittedly, the 7" comes up short occasionally when surfing websites using poor layouts that haven’t adapted to the mobile world.

Hmmm, odd that they’re just calling it “Kindle” still. Even “Kindle tablet” would’ve been better.

I’ll probably also play the wait & see game to find out exactly how locked down or “hackable” this thing is before splurging on one. Definitely interested in the product though.