The advantages of renting versus buying software



The advantages of renting versus buying software.

[newsimage][/newsimage]We live in a society that has come to expect a certain degree of ownership and control over the things we pay money to acquire. Over the years, we have grown used to that sense of ownership applying to the software, games, and media that we purchase. 

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If the software companies think piracy is bad now then wait until they try to impose a “rent” usage model on their users over ownership.


And a software package with a serious security vulnerability can be patched quickly, easily, and cheaply.
Whishful thinking… :rolleyes:



Oh … just like the RIAA has dropped the price of music, now that it’s distribution costs are lower for digital downloads …

Hey wait …

It’s just another way for software companies to exert more control over how & when a user can use their software.

Cloud computing is forcing users into the “rental” system … and business is falling for it hook, line and sinker due to short sightedness, poor memory, and promises of lowering IT costs.

Handing all control of your software and data to a fully redundant datacentre sounds like a great idea - until you realise that the redundant part of the datacentre is in India … which has a terrible attitude towards those rich bastards in insert everywhere else in the world, and shoddy power system … and the datacentre in your country actually just turns out to be just a couple of professional looking snake-oil salesmen & a bunch of teenage kids.

It all falls over when someone brings Molly to work for the day :stuck_out_tongue:
Or when your neighbour sells you your own credit card number :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s my take on rental…

DVD: Would be to rent to watch the movie and if it is what you like then you would go and buy watched movie for discount or purchase from discount retailer to buy the movie you rented and like to buy to keep.

Reason: It might not be what you thought it was or good as the reviews says it was. So you don’t end up buying a DVD you don’t want.

Game PC: Don’t think rental would do for sales but to download the game playable demo and play that and then you will get a feel if that is the game for you.

Reason: Both of those DVD and Games media can only be refunded if they haven’t been opened that is the biggest catch when you buy and find it wasn’t all the hype the reviews says it is. So for DVD rental would be a good way to watch to see if that is the movie you really want to buy and keep. As for Games PC that is harder as you should downloaded the game demo and see if the game play is what your looking for and if not then you will know ahead of time or if someone you knows has - asked them to try it and you will know if it suits your taste.