The accuracy of Nero DVD speed


I always get bas scans of my Nec burns (not as bad as my Benq burns though) and this is the worst.I was going to throw the disk away but why not test in a stationary player.
The disk plays all the way through without an error in two players as well as on the computer.Makes me wonder if the Nero DVD speed is at all to trust.

The NEC drives are not reliable scanners. Get a LiteOn or BenQ drive for scanning.

Yes, you’re right. The difference is remarkable.So the Benq is a better scann-er and Nec is a better burner? I have yet to find a reasonable priced dual layer disk that burns in either Benq or/and Nec

I’d have said the Benq was the better burner as well.

For DL media you’ll be wasting money buying anything other than Verbatim +R DL.

I wouldn’t say the BenQ is a better scanning drive than the NEC but it does generally show fewer errors. I’d also say the NEC drives can out-perform BenQ drives for burning +R and CD-R media as well.
If you want a reliable scanning drive then get hold of a Lite-On or Plextor drive.

The Nec burner at least burn my DVDs at full speed except cheap dual layers while the Benq in a whole year never burned any media faster than 8X (I didn’t purchase it for scanning.)You are sure there’s none acceptabel budget DL media?

Verbatim is the only way if you want quality.

I am not dependent on perfect scans but I want playable disks.If I get quality score of 100 or 55 is unimportant as long as I can see the disk on a video.It’s nice with a perfect scan though but not necessary.

Then Verbatim is the right way. I have used also ritek, but after a few months they became unreadable.