The absolute best ps2 dvd media and why? / ps2 verbatim media failure?

ok i have a slimline ps2 model 700012 (ver. 12 i think, any correction is apreciated) with a chrystal chip 1.2 installed. and for sum reason it absolutly hates the media im using, being maxell dvd-r’s admittedly prolly not the best choice but yea

so what i want to know is what is the best dvd recordable media for my particular model as i figure each version has different hardware and thus is a different beast all together what i want to kniw is your opinion onthe best dvd-r media, and a reason that it is the best( please give technical reasons so that i can pick alternatives out based on specs)

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well there have been meny posts about which media for ps2’s but anyways on to the question. I dont think theres a BEST as such as you may get a ps2 not likeing something that others love.

For me it has to be Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim x8 -R’s these both work flawless in my slimline PS2 ( v14 or 15 ), they also worked flawless in my old V5 PS2. I have also tried x16 Taiyo Yudens which alos work fine, though i have only used one or two in it so i have’nt really tested.

My guess would be Verbatim 16x DVD-R MCC 03RG20, although I don’t own a PS2.


  • Excellent availability
  • Good burn quality
  • Good standalone compatibility
  • Good price


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ive looked thru the various posts about ps2 media and it seems everyone has a general agreement that verbatim 8x dvd-r are the not to say the best but the most compatible out of all the avail. medias

my question is has anyone had a ps2 that refused to take verbatim discs. please post your ps2 version number in your response thank you :smiley:

Not DVD-R’s But the very first PS2 i had (v3) would’nt read Verbatim CDR’s, actually if i recall it didn’t wanna read any CDR’s except these discplanet branded whitetops ( think they was ritek mid )

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Ok first of all, if your PS2 is actually a V12, you’re stuffed, that model dies no matter what unless you perform the fixes needed to prevent it from self destructing. If you have not done the fixes, it can crash at any moment and pretty much die if you insert a lower quality DVD or a disc with a bit of dust/smudges on it.

Anyways, for most working ps2’s that do not self destruct, I use verbatim 8x -R media. MCC02RG20. They work great.

My slim PS2 has played anything I’ve thrown at it.

My bulky one was very picky though - I had 100% success rate with TY and Verbatim DVD-R. Sony DVD-R is okay for the bulky PS2 as well.

The only other type of DVD-R I used that were problematic were Samsung Pleomax DVD-R. Some of these discs had terrible skipping problems in my bulky PS2.

My bulky PS2 is a V4 and the slim one is a v14 by the way.

Verbatim 16x DVD-R MCC 03RG20 burned @ 12x.
TY CD-R 97m 24s 01f sold as Fujifilm 48x MIJ burned @ 16x.

I bought last year one hundred DVD -R 16X Verbatim are Rubish. I am using one laptop with SH-222 Writer but my ps2 not like DVD are shit quality. It´s normal or SH-222 is very bad issue?