The 708a, EAC, and C2 Errors

I’ve read the PX-708a does report C2 errors so imagine my surprise when EAC tells me the 708a doesn’t report C2 errors. Nero’s Infotool reports C2 reports are supported so I’m not sure what to think at this point.

If the feature is a part of the drive, why does EAC not know it?


I don’t know why EAC doesn’t support it but I can tell you I have the same experience. As I also mentioned in the review of the drive:

As a final test we used PlexTools to extract the audio disc to our hard disk. As an extra test we also tested the drive’s performance using Exact Audio Copy (EAC) in Secure Mode. According to EAC the PX-708A drive caches audio, has an accurate stream but it cannot report C2 error information. This is strange since both Nero InfoTool and PlexTools Professional reported that the drive is able to detect and report C2 error information.
Anyway, I would personally recommend to use PlexTools for DAE with any Plextor drive. Perhaps you can give this software a try or do you really need to use EAC? In that case, which version are you now using and have you tried using the latest beta version?

Latest version from Nov here and same deal and Plextools refuses to show my 708a on XP Pro SP1 for some reason. No issues with Nero at all though.