The 40x writer firmware fucked up

I’ve tried to patch the 40x and it went terribly wrong:

atapi command error or something like that

I tried to reboot and IT’s gone, can’t be detected anymore in the bios.

I can’t find the firmware on liteon’s site 'cause it’s under construction, but I ask u guys now: IS THERE A POSSIBILITY 2 GET IT BACK AS IT WAS BEFORE? without sending it back to the shop?


I know, but that aint a solution, only warnings, prob is: I’ve already done it, now I’m just seeking a way to restore my old firmware.

thx anyway

And what is the difference between “installing newer firmware” and “installing older firmware” if you use mtkflash?

none I think, but the problem is that :

  1. I can’t get my drive detected in my bios
  2. I can’t download the original firmware 'cause it is (temporarily) unavailable at

Perhaps you can boot into DOS, use the MTKFLASH thread to recover your drive.

OC-Freak has quite a good collection of firmware (check the sticky posts) that you can download.

Hope this helps.

With reference to your first problem, please check that the drive/ide channel is not set to “Not Installed” or something similar in your BIOS.

If you killed your firmware, its normal that your BIOS doesn’t find the drive any longer. This is no problem, mtkflash doesn’t care what the BIOS tells.
I gave you the link where to download firmware files.

OC-Freak posted a link to the thread that explains the usage of mtkflash. Please read it.

THX 2 everyone, especially 2 OC-Freak, 2 help me out, it works fine again